The assistance rendered by nbn service providers is not limited only to delivering nbn fixed line or nbn fixed wireless to Australian households. Exceptional customer service is an added value that regional and rural Internet providers are expected to provide.


Here are some tips from nbn service providers on how to save data at home.


  • Bandwidth Management


National Broadband Service providers of fixed wireless and fixed line Internet plans recommend using Google Chrome as it has implemented several features which significantly reduce the amount of bandwidth their browser demands. If you are using a smartphone or tablet for example, using Google Chrome saves bandwidth as Google condenses the images, sound files, and other types of files to optimise page sites. You can save up to 50%  bandwidth simply by using Google Chrome as your preferred browser.


  • Block access to streaming websites if deemed necessary


Blocking access to content-streaming websites at home is common in households with children. If you want to make sure your bandwidth is only utilised for important matters or activities, we highly advise blocking access to media streaming websites such as YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu just to name a few.


  • Control you use of VoIP


VoIP services are bandwidth intensive protocols whose usage you can limit at home. If you sign up for the cheapest nbn fixed line for your home, limiting its use to important calls or video calls will be helpful in making sure you have more bandwidth for other important online activities.


If you want more tips on how you can manage your home Internet bandwidth wisely, check our products. If you need assistance, you may also call us on 1300 464 778 today.

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