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IPSTAR Broadband Email Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is IPSTAR email?
IPSTAR email is a complimentary free web-based email service that we provide with all-new Sky Muster Satellite connections.


How much is IPSTAR email?
The IPSTAR email is a free bundled complimentary service with all new Sky Muster internet services. Please note if you choose to cancel your internet service your email will also be deactivated.


How do I access my IPSTAR email?
Follow the below steps to access your IPSTAR email:

Step 1: Navigate to the IPSTAR website
Step 2: Go to the bottom of the page and under the Help & Support section you will see the Webmail Login:

Note* we recommend to bookmark the Email login URL for quick future access.

Step 3: Next enter your username and password which you would have received in your initial welcome email.

If for any reason you have forgot on your login details or locked your account, please contact our friendly support staff on 1300 464 778 and they will assist you in retrieving your details.


What Email support does IPSTAR provide?
IPSTAR only support our webmail email service. If you are having issues using our service through a 3rd party application such as Outlook or Apple Mail we are afraid that we cannot support this as the service is only intended to operate as an online web-based service.


Can I use other 3rd party emails on my IPSTAR internet connection?
Yes you can use other 3rd party emails such as Gmail or Hotmail however if you are using another email service that is hosted with another ISP such as Bigpond Email you will need to apply the below outgoing mail settings for the service to work:
– Outgoing Server Settings:
– Port 25
– Encryption Type: No SSL
– Outgoing Server requires Authentication: Yes
– Username: Full IPSTAR Email Address
– Password: IPSTAR Email Address Password


How do I migrate my IPSTAR Email?
Unfortunately your IPSTAR email address cannot be migrated to another ISP or Email platform however you can set up a new email address such as Gmail and have your existing IPSTAR email forwarded to your new email with along with a message letting all your family and friends know your emails has changed.

Please see the below guide on how to forward your IPSTAR emails to your new email address:

Step 1: Login to the IPSTAR webmail portal

Step 2: Navigate to the Preferences folder:

Step 3: Withing the Preferences folder select the Mail subfolder:

Step 4: Within the Mail folder, navigate to the Receiving Messages section and set your incoming mail forward and auto-reply message along with the time frame that you would like to have the email forward in place.

Please see the below example as a guide: