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Summary of Standard Form of Agreement – IPSTAR (AGB) Satellite Internet Service

From time-to-time end users may become unable to obtain Broadband Satellite Internet Services from their existing IPSTAR Service Provider using IPSTAR-compatible Customer Premises Equipment (“CPE”) installed at their premises. IPSTAR Australia Pty Limited [ACN 107338901] (“IPSTAR”) may offer to supply Broadband Satellite Internet Services and ancillary products and services directly to certain qualifying end users for a minimum 30-day period on the terms and conditions set out in the IPSTAR Australia Pty Ltd Standard Form of Agreement (“Agreement”). The Agreement is available at IPSTAR’s offices at 154 Pacific Highway, St Leonards, New South Wales 2065 and via the MyIPSTAR Portal.

This document is a summary of the Agreement. It does not include details about all aspects of the Services. It is very general and should not be relied on as a substitute for reading the Agreement.

Who is eligible for the Services?

The Broadband Satellite Internet Service is only offered to Customers who are unable to obtain
Satellite Internet Access from their existing telecommunications supplier using IPSTAR
compatible CPE installed at their premises and who:

  1. warrant that they have the authority to transfer their existing Satellite Internet Access service to IPSTAR;
  2. agree and acknowledge that they remain liable for all amounts owed to their existing telecommunications supplier if payable by them as a result of their transfer of the service and/or termination of any agreement with the existing supplier under their agreement with that supplier;
  3. own CPE compatible with the Service and the IPSTAR satellite network or agree to purchase CPE from IPSTAR; and
  4. agree wholly and unconditionally to the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

Where Customers are using a temporary broadband satellite service supplied by
IPSTAR, the above references to “existing telecommunications supplier” are references
to the entity that supplied the Customer with satellite services via the CPE prior to
IPSTAR supplying the Customer with the temporary service.

What Services do we offer?

The primary Service offered by IPSTAR under the Agreement is a Broadband Satellite Internet Access service. Depending on the plan chosen, it includes a maximum speed, a set maximum download limit, and a monthly fee. The Service does not come with any service level guarantee. IPSTAR also offers a free “self service” customer portal known as “MyIPSTAR”, which allows qualifying end users to self-manage parts of the primary Service, such as email addresses, payment options and allows upgrading and downgrading between Service plans and much more! The plans are as follows.

[table id=35 /]

*The above speeds are in kilobits per second and specify the maximum download speed/maximum upload speed applicable to the relevant service and depend on numerous factors such as customer location, weather and other variables and technical limitations. The data cap specifies the monthly download data transmission limit for the service and the price specifies the applicable GST-inclusive monthly Charges. IPSTAR reserves the right to shape the service to 64k/64k if the Customer exceeds the data cap.

† Plus Free Wirelesss Router, This offer is subject to product availability.

^ Including GST

What other charges apply and how can customers pay?

  • Invoices will be issued once per month;
  • Invoices are due and payable 14 days from the date of issue;
  • A late payment charge of $5 will apply for invoices overdue by more than 21 days;
  • Invoices will be issued via email and/or via the MyIPSTAR Portal;
  • Invoices can be paid by credit card online via the MyIPSTAR Customer Portal;
  • If an invoice is not paid on time:
    • For invoices 21 days overdue, the Customer’s connection to the IPSTAR network will be shaped to 64kbps/64kbps;
    • For invoices 28 days overdue, the Customer’s connection to the IPSTAR network will be suspended; and
    • For invoices 35 days overdue, the Customer’s connection to the IPSTAR network will be terminated.
  • A reconnection fee of $15 will apply to unsuspend a Service.

Minimum term, termination and related provisions of the Agreement

  • The minimum term of the Agreement is 30 days.
  • For early termination by the Customer, the Customer will be required to pay out the remainder of the Agreement.
  • The Agreement rolls over on a month-to-month basis after expiry of the minimum 30-day term.
  • IPSTAR can terminate the Agreement is a Customer fails to pay the applicable monthly fees and for other breaches of the Agreement by the Customer. For example, IPSTAR may terminate the Agreement if the Customer is in breach of the IPSTAR Acceptable Use Policy. There are a range of circumstances entitling IPSTAR to terminate the Agreement.
  • After the expiry of the 30-day minimum term, the Agreement may be terminated by either party on providing 14 days’ notice.
    In certain circumstances, IPSTAR may suspend a Service.

Variations to the Agreement

  • IPSTAR may vary the Agreement at any time.
  • In relation to variations that would cause detriment to Customers, the minimum period of notice to be given to Customers before the variations take effect is 60 days;
  • In relation to variations that would not cause detriment to Customers, the minimum period of notice to be given to customers before the variations take effect is 30 days;
  • Customers will be informed of the variations via email and/or via the MyIPSTAR Customer Portal;
  • An up-to-date copy of the Agreement may be obtained from the MyIPSTAR Customer Portal or from IPSTAR’s offices.
  • If the Customer does not approve the variations, the Customer has the right to terminate the Agreement within 42 days of the date of the notice of variation without incurring charges, other than usage or network access charges to the date the Agreement ends and outstanding amounts for installation or for equipment compatible with IPSTAR’s services.

Privacy and security

IPSTAR is committed to complying with both the National Privacy Principles contained in Schedule 3 to the Privacy Act 1988, and its privacy obligations contained in Part 13 of the Telecommunications Act 1997. The IPSTAR Privacy Policy sets out IPSTAR’s policy on the collection, use and disclosure of personal information in accordance with its statutory obligations.

The Agreement incorporates the IPSTAR Privacy Policy, which is available online at

As a provider of telecommunications, products and services, it is necessary for us to collect personal information from our customers, and from other persons who contact us from time to time. For example, we may be required under legislation to intercept data, or we may need to access personal information in order to apply technical support to a particular customer’s service. The majority of personal information we collect relates to our customers and some relates to individuals who are not our customers. We may collect personal information if it is provided to us via our web site, via email, by telephone, via application forms or other means. We may obtain personal information directly, and obtain or provide it to/from third parties such as our resellers, related companies, installers, sales agents and any of their representatives, and to credit reporting and government agencies. In addition, we may obtain personal information from public sources, where available. However, if it is reasonable and practicable to do so, we will collect personal information about an individual only from that individual.

At present, the personal information we may collect includes credit card information (including the name on a customer’s credit card, the credit card number, expiry date and CCV/CCV2 number), bank account details, date of birth, and a customer’s name, address, date of birth, gender, telephone, fax and mobile telephone numbers, email address, drivers licence number and website address.

We also collect contact details from persons who contact us with enquiries as to our services, and when we are otherwise conducting marketing exercises using publically available information.
In addition, we log access to our website, and in those circumstances track the IP address used, the data and time of the visit, the pages viewed and the type of browser used. Where enquiries are made to us via our website we collect the name, country, telephone, fax and email address of the enquirer.

Further, as part of our legal obligations as a telecommunications carrier, we are also required to provide certain interception capabilities in connection with the interception of data on our telecommunications networks. From time to time, we may be required to intercept data passed over our networks (which may include personal information) and provide it to law enforcement agencies. The types of data that may be intercepted may include websites visited, packets downloaded, connection duration, IP addresses, serial numbers of customer premises equipment used, and any other data transmitted via our networks and captured by our servers.

We will not use or disclose personal information about an individual for a secondary purpose other than the primary purpose of collection other than in accordance with the requirements and our obligations contained in National Privacy Principle 2 contained in Schedule 3 to the Privacy Act 1988.

We use reasonable steps to protect personal information we hold from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. For example, certain parts of our website contains SSL encryption. We maintain other electronic (e-security) measures for the purposes of securing personal information, such as passwords, firewalls and antivirus software. We also maintain physical security measures in our buildings and offices.

Personal information we collect, use or disclose may be for all or any of the following reasons:-

  • In order to process an application for our services;
  • In order to identify you when we are contacted with questions or concerns regarding the telecommunications products and services we provide;
  • In order to configure a new service for our customers;
  • When our customers seek our technical support;
  • In order to record billing details;
  • When conducting research and development of our products and services;
  • When seeking credit information from credit agencies or when providing credit information to credit agencies in connection with credit checks;
  • When providing information to our legal representatives or debt collectors for debt collection or other purposes;
  • When sending any type of information relating to our products or services to our customers; or
  • Where authorised or required by interception laws or otherwise.

In addition to the above situations, we may also need to disclose personal information to enforcement bodies for any of the following reasons:-

  • The prevention, detection, investigation, prosecution or punishment of criminal offences, breaches of a law imposing a penalty or sanction or breaches of a prescribed law;
  • The enforcement of laws relating to the confiscation of the proceeds of crime;
  • The protection of the public revenue;
  • The prevention, detection, investigation or remedying of seriously improper conduct or prescribed conduct;
  • The preparation for, or conduct of, proceedings before any court or tribunal, or implementation of the orders of the court or tribunal.

The Security of the Service is paramount. Customers are responsible for all use of the Service connected at the Customer’s premises and of all usernames and passwords associated with the Service (including, without limitation, username and passwords for the MyIPSTAR Portal).

Customer Premises Equipment Warranty

  • IPSTAR will provide timely and appropriate servicing of CPE for the first 12 months of the Service (“warranty period”). During the warranty period IPSTAR will not charge call out fees or repair charges (and any associated labour charges) unless the failure of the CPE could have reasonably been prevented by the Customer.
  • IPSTAR will offer to extend the warranty period by 24 months to a total of 36 months at a price of $65.00 payable by the Customer before connection of the Service. During the extended warranty period, the Customer is required to pay for transportation costs of the CPE to IPSTAR where such transportation is required by IPSTAR. The return cost of the CPE to the Customer during the extended warranty period shall be borne by IPSTAR.

Important Customer Information: Your Rights and Obligations

  • Customers can lodge faults and complaints and seek customer support by telephoning IPSTAR on 1300 464 778 – 6 days per week (Mon – Sat) during normal business hours Australia-wide (free from a landline, but charged at standard mobile call rates if you call from a mobile). Should a customer be dissatisfied with the progress of a support call, the matter will be escalated to an IPSTAR Team Leader for final resolution.
  • If you are not happy with our handling of a complaint, you can always contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (“TIO”) or the New South Wales Office of Fair Trading (or equivalent in your State or Territory).
  • The TIO is a free and independent alternative dispute resolution scheme for small business and residential consumers in Australia with unresolved complaints about their telephone or internet services and can be contacted by telephone on 1800 062 058 – Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (Free from a landline, but charged at standard mobile call rates if you call from a mobile).
    The primary role of the New South Wales Office Office of Fair Trading (or equivalent in your State or Territory) is to manage consumer laws and to look after the rights of consumers.
    The Customer Service Guarantee (dealt with under Part 5 of the Telecommunications (Consumer Protection and Service Standards) Act 1999) does not apply to satellite services.

What other Services does IPSTAR plan to introduce in the future?

In the future, we plan to introduce VoIP, IPTV and other exciting services accessible to Customers connected to our broadband satellite network.