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Moving house

Moving House When You’re with IPSTAR Broadband


What you should do next


  • Let IPSTAR Broadband know as early as possible about your move so that we can help you.
  • Your new house may be on a different nbn technology so it’s best to call us on 132 800 so we can see what’s available for you, or you can check what technology is available online here.
  • Luckily, IPSTAR Broadband offers all available nbn technologies and has plans available for satellite nbn Skymuster, Fixed Line nbn and Fixed wireless nbn. So as long as your home can connect to the nbn, IPSTAR Broadband will be able to help you get connected.


How Long Does It Take?


Once you have confirmed that your new home is suitable for a broadband connection, your IPSTAR Broadband nbn service will be installed in your new home within 30 working days from the date you have nominated and you’ll be able to use your existing service up until the new service at your new home becomes active. After the service at your new home is active, the one at your old home will be disconnected. The whole process is relatively simple and you can rest assured that IPSTAR Broadband will make the progression from old home to your brand new home as seamless as possible.


Are there fees involved?


If you move house during your contract period, a relocation fee of $55 will be charged.