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nbn™ Fixed Wireless

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nbn™ Fixed Wireless is a new broadband technology that offers a faster and more reliable internet connection to regional and rural Australia.

Things you should know

  • All new or re-contracted services after 1st January 2023, and monthly plans rolling over after that date, will be subject to T&C’s in our Standard Form of Agreement (SFoA) at IPSTAR Broadband Standard Form of Agreement
  • Total minimum cost over contract term calculated as (monthly access fee X
    contract term) + set up fee + router cost. Min cost for a no-contract plan
    is $184. Min cost for a 12-month contract is $1,020. Min cost for a 24-month
    contract is $2,040.
  • Set up costs for a 1 month no lock-in contract is $99.
  • No excess data usage charge applies.
  • Broadband speed specified above might vary due to several factors such as location, weather, and other technical limitations.
  • You may be charged an additional one-time $300 nbn™ “New Development Charge” if your premises is a new development. If this applies, we will contact you first.
  • Calls are recorded for quality and training purposes.

nbn™ Fair Use Policy for Fixed Wireless services stipulates that:

  • the average download usage per service should not exceed 400GB of data in
    a calendar month;
  • the average upload usage per service should not exceed 120GB of data in a
    calendar month.

A breach of the Fair Use Policy may result in nbn™ applying a Service
Reduction which would limit the throughput available to Intensive
Application Types during busy periods on the nbn™ Wireless Network.
Intensive Application Types include:

  • Peer-2-Peer file sharing applications
  • High-resolution, constant stream CCTV or other similar real-time video upload
  • Server and database backup applications running at high bandwidth
  • Gaming patch and release upgrade distributions
  • Large software downloads, such as Operating System updates
  • VPN traffic, which can be used to conceal other Intensive Application
    Type traffic
  • Ultra-High Definition (UHD) video streaming which may otherwise be
    moderated to HD or SD quality

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