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Internet Connectivity and Network Status

Here you can find event notices that may affect your internet service with IPSTAR Broadband. Should you be experiencing an issue that is not covered by a notice below, please check out our support pages to find helpful support articles or call our support line on 1300 464 778.

nbn Satellite status
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[EXTERNAL] nbn Emergency Management - Operational Notice for Tropical Cyclone Seroja

Event Name:
Tropical Cyclone Seroja

Event Summary:

Tropical Cyclone Seroja crossed the West Australian mid-west coast overnight Sunday as a category 3 cyclone, with damaging winds causing significant damage to property and power infrastructure in the Geraldton, Kalbarri and Northampton. 32000 customers were off power supply at the peak. Western Power is reporting numerous transmission towers damaged indicating that some outages may last for weeks while the network is repaired.

Latest Hazard Information for nbn:

Cyclone 'all clear' notices have been issued for all areas. 4 Amber zones remain in place due to trees down and road closures. Local Weather Forecast - Emergency Services Latest Update (if available) -

Current Network Restoration Activities for nbn:

nbn completed the migration of customers from Wolumla SES back to Carnarvon SES. Please note that due to an internal system error, this work was completed under CRQ000005068948, not CRQ000005068184 which was previously communicated. Service was restored to the Geraldton Satellite Earth Station at approximately 22:45 AEST. To allow for additional redundancy, nbn proceeded with a planned outage to migrate customers from the Geraldton SES to the Wolumla SES. Please note that due to an internal system error, this work was completed under CRQ000005069117, not CRQ000005066176 which was previously communicated. 8 generators have been deployed to sites to restore power.

Critical Issues for nbn:

Western Power has advised of extensive damage to power network infrastructure and it is expected that there will be extended power outages, possibly for weeks in some areas as infrastructure is repaired. A number of road closures are in place due to road debris and trees down.

nbn Network Impact:

Total Number of Services Impacted:

Total Number of Assets Impacted:
Total Number of Services at Risk:

Total Number of Assets at Risk: 23

Next Steps:

Additional generators were moved into the region yesterday. nbn continues to deploy generators across the region to provide emergency power to affected sites.

Next Update:

13/04/2021 19:00 AEST

Point of Contact for RSPs:

For more information please reach out to your nbn Account Team.

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IPA Group service outage notice - 169937

Ticket Reference:

Outage Start Time:
14/04/2021 12.01am - 14/04/2021 6am AEST

Outage Classification:

Outage Details:
IPSTAR Broadband is undertaking a planned network upgrade maintenance to improve our network on the following schedule: 14/04/2021 12:01-06:00AM AEST Customers may experience multiple short losses of connection to their internet service during this time.

Estimated outage duration:
Approximately 60 minutes

Services Impacted:
IPSTAR Broadband nbn(tm) Satellite Services