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4 Important Benefits of Fixed Wireless nbn Plans

4 Important Benefits of Fixed Wireless NBN Plans article image by IPSTAR

nbn or the National Broadband Network is changing the way Australians access the internet. There are generally three types of connections that every Australian household can get.


For those in  urban areas, the nbn Fibre or fixed line connection is most appropriate. As the name suggests, it uses fibre optics to transfer extremely fast Internet signals to subscribers.


Households located in far-flung and remote areas can access nbn through a satellite dish  installed in the premises. Some nbn service provider firms also call this nbn’s Sky Muster satellite.


Finally, there are households that are located in between – not as close as households in urban areas, but not too far compared to those in remote areas. These households are most suited for nbn fixed wireless connections.


What are the benefits of the nbn fixed wireless plans?


  1. More stable than current mobile signals – Mobile signals become unstable and unreliable because the number of recipients often change from time to time. With nbn fixed wireless, the tower will send Internet signals only to a specific number of subscribers.
  2. Internet connection starts at speeds up to 12Mbps – This is pretty fast for a wireless connection.
  3. Line of sight requirement – The only requirement for a fixed wireless connection is that the antenna installed in the household should have a direct line of sight to the transmission tower emitting the signals.
  4. Speed is more than enough for the average user – If your main activities on the Internet are surfing, researching, watching videos and engaging in social media, you would not have any problems with nbn’s fixed wireless.


Fixed wireless nbn plans are the second best when it comes to Internet speed as offered by the nbn program. If you just found out that your household is not among those suitable for fixed line nbn, nbn wireless broadband is the next best option.


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