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4 Important Qualities of an nbn Provider You Can Trust


4 Important Qualities of an NBN Provider You Can Trust article image by IPSTAR


The National Broadband Network or nbn is steadily rolling out to supported areas and territories. However, not every household can enjoy the fixed wired connection with speeds of up to 1Gbps for downloads, and up to 400Mbps for uploads. These households are then covered by fixed wireless nbn, which has slightly slower connections.


Households in remote locations that cannot get both the fixed wired and fixed wireless nbn connections are left with the option of satellite nbn. Satellite discs are installed in their homes and they receive signals directly from the nbn satellite. Unfortunately, connection speeds and reliability will not be comparable to that of fixed wired and wireless connections.


Now that you are aware about the different types of nbn connections, you can decide what’s best for you. For fixed wired or Fibre nbn, households will be notified and will have about 18 months to get a package from their provider. After this period, the copper wires that have been used for decades, will be decommissioned.


Given these circumstances, it is important that you seek nbn service providers you can trust. Here are four qualities you should check before talking about nbn prices:


  1. Accreditation – The National Broadband Service has partnered with several Internet providers so that the rollout for nbn connections would be easier for their subscribers. Make sure the company is an accredited provider.
  2. Track record and reputation – Check out reviews and comments about the company and their services.
  3. Customer service rating – A lot of businesses fall short in providing after sales services.
  4. Pricing and packages – Determine if the company offers flexible pricing or packages for Internet connections. You should also consider if the company offers any perks and promotions that benefit its subscribers.


In the next few months, almost everyone in the country will finally experience nbn fixed line broadband, nbn fixed wireless broadband, and other nbn plans. Make sure that you are currently working and negotiating with nbn providers located in your area.


In case you cannot find a provider that has all four of the qualities mentioned above, you may try IPSTAR Broadband.With 12 years of experience in the field, IPSTAR has been successful in providing quality and reliable Internet connections to households, even those located in the rural and remote areas. Call them on 132 800, or send this online form to make an inquiry.