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4 Reasons You Need to Upgrade Your ADSL2 Internet

4 Reasons You Need to Upgrade Your ADSL2 Internet article image by IPSTAR


The technology involved in ADSL2 Internet is more modern than the one used for ADSL, although it is not the latest broadband connection available today. While  it offers reliable Internet, it may not suit the needs of some households due to its relatively slow speeds compared to other modern connections. If you are still using ADSL2 speed connections for your Internet use, you may need to consider upgrading it.


But before all that, what is ADSL2 broadband?


ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line service, which was one of the earliest technologies used in connecting to the Internet. The word ‘asymmetric’ was used because this connection has varying download and upload speeds. Most of the time, download speed is faster than upload speed, thus they are ‘not symmetrical.’


As years went by, a new and improved ADSL system was developed, resulting in ADSL2 that providers offer today.


Here are some of the changes in ADSL2 in comparison with the previous build:


  • Added support for new services and applications
  • Increased data rate and distance that the ADSL signal can reach
  • Better resistance to noise
  • Reduced initialisation time from 10 seconds to less than 3 seconds


As you may observe, ADSL2 plans are a better alternative than ADSL. As a result, a lot of service providers today make sure to offer various ADSL2 bundles. However, there are four reasons you may need to upgrade:


  1. The ADSL2+ is the fastest variant of ADSL.
  2. It can achieve stable connections using telephone lines up to 5,000 feet long.
  3. It works with both ADSL and ADSL2 equipment.
  4. It downloads the amount of downstream data rates passing through the telephone lines.


ADSL and ADSL2 are both good options for Internet connection if you are looking for stable connectivity. However, if you are searching for the fastest speeds, ADSL2+ should be your choice.


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