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Upgrade To Sky Muster Plus In Time For The Holidays

  The holidays are about to begin and that means that the kids will be at home and they’re going to be using the internet a lot more. They’ll be catching up on the latest videos on Netflix or YouTube and playing some of the newest video games over the holidays. This also means they’ll […]

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Using The Internet To Make Your Pet’s Life Better

The idea of having a fully automated smart home has been an increasingly popular trend in recent years. It’s now quite common for households to have voice activated assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa or a Google Home. In these homes, with just a couple of sentences from someone’s voice, people have their lights, air conditioners […]

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Data Saving Monitoring Tips

When using the internet on a metered connection with a data limit it can sometimes become hard to track how much data is being used and by which device. With the average home having 10 or more in home devices these days, each of them needs to be tracked individually if you want to find […]

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Is switching to dark mode worth it?

Dark Mode has been becoming increasingly popular in 2019. All over the internet websites are adding dark modes for their customers and many popular mobile app developers are racing each other to bring out their version of dark mode for their app. The popularity of dark mode this year has meant that it’s now widely […]

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4 Netflix Tricks Almost Nobody Knows About

Netflix is something we use almost every day now and for those who do have it, it’s hard to imagine life without it. While many think they may be Netflix experts, there are tonnes of secrets within the Netflix website that almost nobody knows about.   1. Secret Netflix codes   Inside Netflix there are […]

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How to save data when using Twitter

Twitter is one of the world’s top most used social media websites and we know that our customers always enjoy spending time there. People love to follow their friends, celebrities, favourite brands and political figures. But scrolling through the Twitter newsfeed past all those auto playing videos and high resolution images can use up quite […]

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How to beat the buffering wheel when watching Netflix

Aussies love their Netflix. More than 11 million  households across Australia now have a subscription to the online streaming service. But constant video streaming and downloading can be a demanding task for our broadband. Finder research shows that 46%  of Aussies who regularly stream experience buffering and dropouts from time to time. If you feel […]

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Preorder Sky Muster Plus Before It Launches – Be The First To Experience The New Service

Sky Muster Plus is just around the corner and will be available on the 9th of August 2019. Many eager Sky Muster users will soon be able to enjoy unmetered web browsing, unshaped network traffic for operating system updates and burst download speeds of up to 50 Mbps. At the moment at IPSTAR Broadband we […]

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3 Simple Ways To Manage Your Spotify Data

Spotify is one of the world’s most popular music apps. Users of Spotify can instantly stream and listen to any song on the Spotify library for as long as they like. Many of our customers use Spotify every day to listen to their favourite songs and although Spotify does use way less data than Netflix, […]

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4 Tips To Save Instagram Data

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks and is a must have app on any active social media users mobile device. The service helps people connect with their friends, follow celebrities, engage with brands and even build businesses. But as a mostly image and video based service, it can use up quite […]

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Common Scams You Should Know About

Scammers are pretty good these days. Whether it is on the phone, online or via text message, scammers are getting very good at tricking their victims. Scammers often catch people off guard with realistic looking messages when they least expect it. Scammers often have the goal of gaining money from their victims, or gaining their […]

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Sky Muster™ Plus, you’ll never, ever, ever run out of your essential data!

Don’t worry, even when YouTube, Stan or Netflix has used all your included data you can stay connected and: Monitor the weather Email family and friends Do your internet banking Perform general web browsing Enjoy speed burst speeds above the 25Mbps download speed (when available) Sky Muster Plus is expected to launch on August 8 […]

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