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Let’s ensure all Australians can work, learn and stay healthy during COVID-19

Like few times in our country’s history, people are desperate to work. The threat posed by the COVID-19 pandemic is making many Australians feel very insecure about the future of their jobs. Sadly, for many, they are already unemployed. For those lucky enough to be able to work from home, they can stay employed, albeit […]

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Video conferencing, video streaming and accessing cloud-based office applications

Video conferencing, video streaming and accessing cloud-based office applications are among the activities that have driven a large increase in data demand   The new report follows nbn recently announcing it will waive additional capacity charges of up to 40 percent to internet providers for at least three months, as it leads an industry-wide approach to maintain access to […]

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Experience Unmetered Data With IPSTAR Broadband nbn Sky Muster Plus

Starting on April 1 2020, the nbn is making some changes to the way nbn Sky Muster Plus works. IPSTAR Broadband nbn Sky Muster Plus users will be able to do more than ever before with their unmetered data. There are now many unmetered activities added to IPSTAR Broadband nbn Sky Muster Plus plans that […]

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Streaming Services Are Reducing Their Bit Rates On Streams

The Coronavirus pandemic has seen an increase in demand for the internet in many countries around the world. With many people working from home trying to stream high definition video meetings during the day and many people trying to stream in home entertainment at the same time, there has been some pressure on internet networks […]

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10GB Data Blocks Every Week for the Next 3 Months

We understand that this time has been difficult with managing your data with more people at home using the data. We are happy to announce that from Monday 30th of March 2020 IPSTAR Broadband will be providing an additional 10GB per week of download data allowance for each service on standard nbnTM SkymusterTM Plans for […]

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Working From Home Is Better With IPSTAR Broadband nbn Sky Muster Plus

Working from home is something that many people in our country are currently doing in an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Customers on the nbn Skymuster product are limited by how much data they use on the internet and once they reach the data cap the internet is slowed down with no […]

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and nbn: working from home tips and FAQs

Whether you’re working from home by choice or by necessity, make the most of your nbn™ connection – and workday – with these tips.   While working from home (WFH) has become increasingly common with those seeking flexibility in their careers, it’s likely never been a hotter topic of conversation than now. With the World […]

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Using Apps To Make Phone Calls When You Have No Reception

There are times when you may be at home and the mobile network that usually reaches into your home is no longer working. The mobile network might be down because of a nearby bushfire or another similar disaster. It’s possible to still make calls to friends or family during an emergency through popular apps such […]

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Activating Wi-Fi calling on Android Devices

Many of our customers are in rural regions around Australia. They are often connected with IPSTAR Broadband on a satellite connection and they have a mobile phone to make calls. But many of our customers live in remote locations where mobile phone coverage is low or non-existent. Making calls from home with a mobile is […]

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Upgrade your plan for 2020

  In the upcoming holiday season, streaming video content over the internet is going to be more demanding than ever for Australian households. There are now more streaming services than ever before available for Australians with new ones like Disney Plus and Apple TV+ being the latest additions. With Disney Plus being a service that […]

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Upgrade To Sky Muster Plus In Time For The Holidays

  The holidays are about to begin and that means that the kids will be at home and they’re going to be using the internet a lot more. They’ll be catching up on the latest videos on Netflix or YouTube and playing some of the newest video games over the holidays. This also means they’ll […]

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Using The Internet To Make Your Pet’s Life Better

The idea of having a fully automated smart home has been an increasingly popular trend in recent years. It’s now quite common for households to have voice activated assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa or a Google Home. In these homes, with just a couple of sentences from someone’s voice, people have their lights, air conditioners […]

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