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Turning Off Automatic Downloads On Android Devices To Save Data

Android devices have become one of the most common items in our daily lives. They consist of both mobile phones and tablets with people essentially carrying them around everywhere each day. But if you have an Android device and you have a dozen apps installed or if you really like your apps, you might have […]

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Turning Off Automatic Downloads On IOS Devices To Save Data

IOS devices are great to have and if you have many of them, they can be linked together and all the content on each device can be downloaded automatically on all other IOS devices. If you’ve subscribed to content like a podcast series or TV show, new episodes can be downloaded and added to your […]

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Are You Protected Against Online Threats?

  Browsing the web is one of the things we humans like to do the most these days. Almost everything is available online these days including shopping, sharing your updates on social media, your banking, your insurance, your mail (email) and even all your personal files if you have a cloud account. The internet has […]

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How To Set Up Two Factor Authentication & Why You Should

It is becoming increasingly important to add an extra layer of security to your log in process for the many services you often require a password and a username to log into them. Many people still use single factor authentication for things such as their email address login. This is when you type your email […]

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Keeping Your Phone Secure When Going Online

A person’s phone is one of their most important assets with many people not being able to go an hour in a day without checking their messages, missed calls, emails or social media updates. But because so much information is stored within your phone, scammers and other bad people online or in person might want […]

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Online Scams: How To Spot Them, What Can You Do?

Online scams are something you always hear about in the news or see on films happening to people you don’t know and many of us don’t imagine that they’ll be caught out by an online scammer. But in fact, according to the ACCC Australians lost up to $340 million in 2017 to scammers with thousands […]

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Tips For Reducing Data For Apple TV Users

If you are an Apple enthusiast, being part of the Apple ecosystem can be very convenient. You can have your iPhone, iPad, Mac and now even your TV all synced together. Apple TV is a great asset to have in your home because it will give you access to a variety of Apple services to […]

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IPSTAR Christmas & New Years Opening Hours

The IPSTAR team would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope you enjoy the holidays with your friends and family. This year IPSTAR Australia has donated $5000 to Buy a Bale on behalf of all our customers to show our support for regional and rural Australians doing it tough. This is […]

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How To Download Netflix Videos On Windows 10 During Off-Peak

We recently released a Netflix article about reducing data usage when watching Netflix at home whilst streaming or when downloading TV shows or movies on your phone, tablets or in your browser. If you have not read our Netflix data saving article you can find that right here. This article focuses in on the Windows […]

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Is iCloud Using Up All Your Data? Consider Using Wi-Fi Sync Instead

The Apple iPhone and the Apple iPad are two of the most popular devices in the world right now. People love Apple’s phones and tablets and for many years they have been the most popular devices in both categories of tech with their market share dominating over many of the other brands on the market. […]

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Saving Data With Facebook Video

In recent years, Facebook has become the centre of many of our lives. We use it for sharing our daily activities, checking on our friends and even sending private messages to one another. Over the years, Facebook has changed quite a bit. Facebook no longer offers just the ability to post your social updates or […]

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Tips To Secure Your Smart Home

Having a smart home is great. The ability to control multiple devices in your home such as your lights, doors, windows, fans, air conditioners and televisions all with your voice or from your smart phone can be very convenient and there are many benefits. But with all these connected devices in your home, at one […]

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