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3 Simple Ways To Manage Your Spotify Data

Spotify is one of the world’s most popular music apps. Users of Spotify can instantly stream and listen to any song on the Spotify library for as long as they like. Many of our customers use Spotify every day to listen to their favourite songs and although Spotify does use way less data than Netflix, […]

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4 Tips To Save Instagram Data

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks and is a must have app on any active social media users mobile device. The service helps people connect with their friends, follow celebrities, engage with brands and even build businesses. But as a mostly image and video based service, it can use up quite […]

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Common Scams You Should Know About

Scammers are pretty good these days. Whether it is on the phone, online or via text message, scammers are getting very good at tricking their victims. Scammers often catch people off guard with realistic looking messages when they least expect it. Scammers often have the goal of gaining money from their victims, or gaining their […]

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Sky Muster™ Plus, you’ll never, ever, ever run out of your essential data!

Don’t worry, even when YouTube, Stan or Netflix has used all your included data you can stay connected and: Monitor the weather Email family and friends Do your internet banking Perform general web browsing Enjoy speed burst speeds above the 25Mbps download speed (when available) Sky Muster Plus is expected to launch on August 8 […]

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6 Tips For Improving Wi-Fi Reception In Your Home

We all use Wi-Fi almost every single day and so many of our modern devices rely on it to connect to the internet. Some of these include our phones, tablets, laptops, game consoles and smart home devices. Without Wi-Fi we would have cables everywhere in every room in our homes!

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Everything You Need To Know About Home Networking

The internet is something we all need in our daily lives and we rely on the internet to do almost everything we do these days. Some of these things include online banking, working from home, running a business, kid’s homework, gaming, watching TV shows or movies plus much more. The internet is essentially the centre of all of our lives.

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Recording Netflix Videos With PlayOn – Everything You Need To Know

PlayOn is an application that is able to record videos from streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube and more onto someone’s computer. Once recorded, the videos are saved onto the hard drive of the person who recorded it and they can be kept forever and played at any time. The recording of the videos in […]

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How to set up Wi-Fi calling on an iPhone

Many of our customers are in rural regions around Australia. They are often connected with IPSTAR on a satellite connection and they have a mobile phone to make calls. But many of our customers live in remote locations where mobile phone coverage is low or non-existent. So calling from home with a mobile is often […]

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Turning Off Automatic Downloads On Android Devices To Save Data

Android devices have become one of the most common items in our daily lives. They consist of both mobile phones and tablets with people essentially carrying them around everywhere each day. But if you have an Android device and you have a dozen apps installed or if you really like your apps, you might have […]

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Turning Off Automatic Downloads On IOS Devices To Save Data

IOS devices are great to have and if you have many of them, they can be linked together and all the content on each device can be downloaded automatically on all other IOS devices. If you’ve subscribed to content like a podcast series or TV show, new episodes can be downloaded and added to your […]

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Are You Protected Against Online Threats?

  Browsing the web is one of the things we humans like to do the most these days. Almost everything is available online these days including shopping, sharing your updates on social media, your banking, your insurance, your mail (email) and even all your personal files if you have a cloud account. The internet has […]

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How To Set Up Two Factor Authentication & Why You Should

It is becoming increasingly important to add an extra layer of security to your log in process for the many services you often require a password and a username to log into them. Many people still use single factor authentication for things such as their email address login. This is when you type your email […]

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