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Tips For Reducing Data For Apple TV Users

If you are an Apple enthusiast, being part of the Apple ecosystem can be very convenient. You can have your iPhone, iPad, Mac and now even your TV all synced together. Apple TV is a great asset to have in your home because it will give you access to a variety of Apple services to […]

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IPSTAR Christmas & New Years Opening Hours

The IPSTAR team would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope you enjoy the holidays with your friends and family. This year IPSTAR Australia has donated $5000 to Buy a Bale on behalf of all our customers to show our support for regional and rural Australians doing it tough. This is […]

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How To Download Netflix Videos On Windows 10 During Off-Peak

We recently released a Netflix article about reducing data usage when watching Netflix at home whilst streaming or when downloading TV shows or movies on your phone, tablets or in your browser. If you have not read our Netflix data saving article you can find that right here. This article focuses in on the Windows […]

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Is iCloud Using Up All Your Data? Consider Using Wi-Fi Sync Instead

The Apple iPhone and the Apple iPad are two of the most popular devices in the world right now. People love Apple’s phones and tablets and for many years they have been the most popular devices in both categories of tech with their market share dominating over many of the other brands on the market. […]

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Saving Data With Facebook Video

In recent years, Facebook has become the centre of many of our lives. We use it for sharing our daily activities, checking on our friends and even sending private messages to one another. Over the years, Facebook has changed quite a bit. Facebook no longer offers just the ability to post your social updates or […]

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Tips To Secure Your Smart Home

Having a smart home is great. The ability to control multiple devices in your home such as your lights, doors, windows, fans, air conditioners and televisions all with your voice or from your smart phone can be very convenient and there are many benefits. But with all these connected devices in your home, at one […]

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3 Ways Having A Smart Home Can Help You Save Money On Electricity

Power bills are one of the largest and most costly expenses in Australian households. According to the Australian Bureau of statistics electricity and power bills have gone up by more than 26% since 2009-10. Australians are not only paying more for electricity, but they’re also using more electricity with the average house having more than […]

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Could Your Chromecast Be Using All Your Data Without You Knowing?

In recent years a little streaming device known as the Chromecast has become one of the most common household items inside many homes around Australia. People love to use the device to stream movies and images from their phones or tablets to their TV screens. Many people even have one Chromecast connected to every TV […]

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Is Voice Search The Future Of The Internet?

If you’re an active internet user and love connecting a variety of devices in your home to the internet that aren’t just your PC and mobile phone. Then you’re likely to be one of the early adopters of smart home technology and are at the forefront of the ‘Internet of Things’ or ‘IOT’. At the […]

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How To Enable Picture In Picture In Chrome

If you love using Google Chrome to browse the web and you also love to watch YouTube videos, then the latest update for Google Chrome that just got released this October known as Chrome 70, is something you should certainly take a look at. It will let everyone multitask, while watching their favourite YouTube videos. […]

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What Is The Internet Of Things (IOT) And Is It The Future?

When most people generally think about using the internet, they think about computers and their phones. But actually, these aren’t the only devices that use the internet anymore. It’s common now for many households to have many internet connected devices such as televisions, gaming consoles, security alarms, security cameras, alarm clocks, lights, watches, refrigerators, microwaves […]

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Saving Data When Using Windows 10 & How To Turn On Metered Connections

Many people use Windows 10 as their preferred operating system for their PC. Microsoft tends to have the view with Windows 10 that the PC should be always connected to the internet and makes free use of most people’s data, assuming everyone has unlimited data caps. Often times these updates happen in the background and […]

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