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Different Types of nbn Fixed Line Connections for Homes

Different Types of NBN Fixed Line Connections for Homes article image by IPSTAR

It has been the commitment of the Australian Government together with the National Broadband Network to provide world-class Internet connectivity to all of its citizens wherever they live. nbn fixed line plans are some of the most efficient services offered by ISP providers to subscribers living in urban areas and in some rural communities, too.


If you’re still with your ADSL2 plan, now is the time to shift to the brand new nbn Internet plans for good. nbn fixed line broadband is everything you wished the Internet to be.


  • There are different types of nbn fixed line connections made available to subscribers. here are some of them:


nbn Fibre to the Premise or FTTP is utilised in the presence of existing optic fibre line that runs to the nearest fibre node and then to your premises. You will need an nbn device from your nbn service provider for proper and easy installation.


nbn Fibre to the Node network connection makes use of actual lines that run to the premises. nbn service providers will utilise the existing copper network to connect to the nearby access network.


nbn Fibre to the Building network connections are used for connecting apartment blocks or similar residential buildings directly to the nbn network. In this instance, nbn service providers will run a fibre optic line into the building’s main communication room. Existing connectivity technologies are used to connect subscribers to the Internet.


Before signing up for a fixed line nbn, it is important to discuss the available options to your preferred ISP provider. If you want to check the availability of an nbn fixed line in your area, click here. For additional questions, you may reach us on 132 800.