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Fixed Line nbn Features You Need To Know Before Signing Up For a Plan

National Broadband Service’s innovative technologies are indeed changing the way Australians access and utilise their Internet connection at home. In essence, there are three types of nbn Internet broadband connections that subscribers like you can choose from.


For those living in cities and urban communities, nbn fixed line is highly recommended. Fixed nbn line is the only connection made available to urban dwellers. This type of connection makes use of fibre optic lines to deliver ultra-fast signals to households.


Homes that are located in regional, rural or remote regions can access the Internet using nbn satellite broadband plans. In this setup, a satellite dish is installed on top of homes to successfully grab signals from the satellites in space.


If you live in the city or surrounding areas, signing up for a fixed line nbn Internet plan from a reliable provider is a must. If you’re still using ADSL2+ copper wire technology at home, you have at least 18 months to make the switch to an nbn connection. Here are some advantages of making the switch to nbn fixed line:


  • Faster Internet Connection


This is undoubtedly the most obvious reason why urban dwellers sign up for nbn deals. It will give your household the advantage of speed and performance when compared to ADSL2+.


Subscribers can choose from nbn Internet plans with speeds of 12/1 megabits per second to 100/40 megabits per second.


  • Greater Bandwidth for Multi-Device Households


The National Broadband Network’s latest Internet technologies allow for nbn fixed line users to enjoy bigger bandwidths for households with multiple devices and multiple users. This translates to the ability of users to connect to the Internet using more than one device at home without losing too much Internet speed. Higher speeds also translate to speedy download and upload times.


If you want to enjoy all these benefits in your own household, check the availability of nbn fixed line in your area. You may also call us on 1300 464 778 for additional enquiries.