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From home school to home entertainment, Sky Muster™ Plus powered by nbn™ delivers an advanced experience

In 2021, the need for connectivity has never been greater. Regardless of location, having adequate broadband has become a necessity of daily life. For those facing pandemic induced challenges this may be a temporary need, but for families living in rural and regional Australia, it is an ongoing way of life.  

The way remote Australians are using connectivity, and the technology that is reliant upon it, is changing rapidly. For those that want more from their service, IPSTAR’s Sky Muster™ Plus powered by nbn™ is delivering exactly that.  


So, why do you need Sky Muster™ Plus?  

Unlike the original Sky Muster™ service, Sky Muster™ Plus offers unmetered data to customers. The only exception to this is to data used for streaming services or accessing VPNs. This means that even if the kids chew through the latest six new series on Netflix or Stan, they will still be able to do their homework.  

Perhaps you are home-schooling due to COVID-19, have children enrolled in School of the Air, or are trying to complete your own distance learning. Whatever the situation, connectivity underpins education in remote areas. Sky Muster™ Plus ensures that you have access to the websites and platforms you need to complete your studies.  

Staying in touch with family and friends shouldn’t be a privilege reserved for metropolitan residents. Everyone should be able to call loved ones whenever they want. Thanks to the unmetered video calling, Sky Muster™ Plus ensures that this is the case, enabling families to stay connected.  

Remote residents working from home will also reap the benefits of the unmetered data. As will those who rely on their connection to pay bills, manage accounts, and book or attend telehealth appointments. You can even start browse the internet at will, without being concerned that it will impact your ability to check Facebook the next morning. 

“Not only are my sons now able to buy additional data (at their own expense) if they use ours up on streaming, but I am also able to catch up with, and stay in touch with old mates thanks to unmetered video calling!” Ross, WA.  


Get the same reliability PLUS more support, more data, and less limitations 

The original Sky Muster™ has greater limitations across data usage, and once a cap is reached it reduces the service speed. This causes endless frustrations for folk just trying to pay a bill, book an appointment or FaceTime with the grandkids interstate.  

Even if you do reach your maximum for metered activity, IPSTAR’s Sky Muster™ Plus gives you the option to purchase additional data blocks. This provides much greater flexibility to regional and rural Australians and reduces the headaches caused by slowed services.  

What’s more, customers will benefit from leading customer support service courtesy of the dedicated IPSTAR support team. Unlike other providers, IPSTAR specialises in connectivity for remote and regional areas, it is our core business! Why does this matter? Simply put, the support team knows their stuff and understand the challenges of living without the usual communications options available.  

In the event you have a problem or need assistance, IPSTAR customers benefit from an average answer time of three minutes. No endless hold music or time wasted waiting for help.  

I was really impressed with both people I spoke to at IPSTAR, they gave me confidence my parents would be in good hands in the event they call for assistance,” Nicki, IPSTAR Sky Muster™ Plus customer, QLD. 


It’s not the same, it’s much, much better  

So there you go, in a nutshell, Sky Muster™ Plus is not the same as its predecessor. As with most things in life, connectivity is improving with time and Sky Muster™ is no different.  

To take advantage of the benefits of upgrading to IPSTAR’s Sky Muster™ Plus, contact our friendly support staff today. Depending on your existing service, you could be enjoying more data within 48 hours. Contact us today.