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How to Get the Best Fixed Wireless nbn Line for your Home

How to Get the Best Fixed Wireless NBN Line for your Home article image by IPSTAR

nbn fixed wireless deals provides homeowners a fast and reliable Internet connection at affordable price points. If you haven’t terminated your old ADSL2 connection, now is the time to make the switch. As more people are migrating to nbn Internet, the prices of nbn fixed line and fixed wireless plans are becoming more affordable. The best part is that Internet speeds are much faster too. With nbn fixed wireless, you can enjoy faster downloads and no buffering when you stream your favorite movies online.


There are many advantages of switching to nbn fixed wireless connection. Here are some of them:


  • More stable connection


Weather conditions can affect the reception of signals from satellites that provide Internet service. This will never be a problem for nbn fixed wireless subscribers. As nbn fixed wireless is land based, and cell towers are comparatively nearer the ground and you rarely have to worry about slow Internet connection in poor weather conditions.


  • Latency benefits


One of the most impressive feature of nbn fixed line compared to satellite Internet service is the lag or more popularly known as latency. This refers to the amount of time that it takes for information to be sent and received over your existing connection. By rule, the lower the tower, the better. In the case of nbn satellite, the signals travel long distances, thus the Internet connection is not consistently fast or stable at all times.


  • Data allowances


nbn satellite Internet providers set data caps or allowances that limit the amount of data a connection can utilise at any point in time. The Fair Use Policy states that customers who use Internet heavily and more regularly will have more access to data. This makes it difficult to utilise the data you require when you need it the most.


On the other hand, nbn fixed wireless packages do not enforce data caps at all. With this in mind, you can download and upload as many files including emails, videos, music, and use streaming with minimal limitations. You can even use multiple devices at any one time without having to worry about slow Internet connectivity.


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