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IPSTAR Broadband: A Year In Review

The year 2020 has been like no other year we have lived through. Australia’s start to 2020 was tough, with major bush fires ravaging our country at the start of the year and then almost immediately after that we experienced the COVID-19 pandemic.

During both of these major events, IPSTAR Broadband made it a priority to support its customers in regional and rural Australia.

  • We set up a bush fire hotline for those that needed emergency support.
  • We provided free internet connectivity to the local fire brigade and surrounding communities that needed it to communicate.
  • During COVID-19 we increased our network capacity by 40%.
  • We offered our standard nbn Sky Muster customers an extra 10GB of data every week so they were supported with their increased at home internet use.
  • We extended support for those suffering financial hardship during the pandemic.

In 2020 we listened to our customers feedback and comments. We have made many positive changes in recent months to make IPSTAR Broadband the best nbn Sky Muster provider.

  • Improved Phone Queues: We introduced a new smart phone system that is powered by Amazon. With this new system, we have been able to introduce more smart features into our phone queues such as a call back option that reports the current wait times to deliver a better customer experience and reduced wait times!
  • Financial hardship support: 2020 has been a tough time for many in Australia. IPSTAR Broadband now has programs in place for those experiencing financial hardship. With our financial hardship support, customers will be able to keep up with their bills so they can continue to enjoy our great internet service whilst on a payment plan.
  • Flexi pay is now available: Traditional monthly billing cycles don’t work for everyone and not everyone gets paid on the same day each month. So we’ve introduced flexi pay which allows new or existing customers to have the option to make bi-monthly payments if they find it difficult making monthly payments.
  • Your feedback matters: At the centre of what we do at IPSTAR Broadband is listening to customer feedback. Every piece of feedback, whether it is good, bad or just okay is monitored daily and reviewed using our internal monitoring systems. Everyday we check what our customers have been saying and we review so we can be better every time.
  • New payment options: IPSTAR Broadband now offers many ways to pay. We now have payment options such as direct debit, the ability to pay your bill on our website and a very secure over the phone payment system that’s supported by Westpac so you can always ensure your data is safe.
  • Pro-rata billing: We introduced pro-rate billing to simplify our billing process and ensure customers can easily identify their billing start and end periods.
  • Listening to your reviews: We have seen some great feedback through our customer experience surveys and product reviews over the last years, with many great reviews. However, we really focus on the negative feedback because as hard as it is to read it, it really gives us an honest view of where we need to focus and plan for future improvements. We appreciate our customers comments and strive to improve the customer experience.
  • Continuously improving the customer experience: We understand the importance of continual feedback and customer improvement and have learnt to listen to all customer issues and concerns. We have new processes in place for reviewing what went wrong and to create preventive measures so it doesn’t happen in the future.
  • New staff: We’ve hired new staff that share our values and have a real passion for customer service. We’ve also given them more empowerment to make more decisions in real time to remove complexity and allow a smoother experience for all.
  • Customer optimisation: We have implemented a new service called ‘Customer Optimisation’ where we call each new customer to ensure they are optimised for the best online and billing experience from IPSTAR Broadband.

We are looking forward to continuing to support you in 2021. Click here or on the button below to download our free infographic about how IPSTAR Broadband is helping its customers in 2020.

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