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Keep in touch with your friends and family with IPSTAR Broadband nbn Sky Muster Plus

IPSTAR Broadband nbn Sky Muster Plus is the best option for rural Australians that want to be connected socially. In the past on standard Sky Muster, video calling and Wi-Fi calling were metered and counted towards your data. Customers could only chat to their friends, families and work colleagues for a limited amount of time in a month and once their data ran out they were out of luck. Customers had two options, they could either wait until the month ended to call those most important to them, or they could spend more money and purchase additional data packs. With IPSTAR Broadband nbn Sky Muster Plus, these frustrations are now gone. 

Wi-Fi Calling and video calling is unmetered on IPSTAR Broadband nbn Sky Muster Plus. This means that when doing any of these activities, none of them will count towards your monthly data allowance.  Do you want to voice call your parents on Whatsapp? Video call on Facetime with your children? Or have a Zoom meeting with people at work? None of these activities will count towards your data no matter what IPSTAR Broadband nbn Sky Muster Plus plan you are on.

Customers can audio call or video call anyone unmetered on IPSTAR Broadband nbn Sky Muster Plus using the following apps:
• Skype
• WhatsApp
• Facebook Messenger
• FaceTime
• Google Duo
• Snapchat
• Instagram Live
• Viber
• Zoom
• Google Hangouts
• Line
• +More

Did you also know that even if you have run out of metered data, you can also still Wi-Fi call or video call anybody you want to during the month? Even if the kids in your family use up all your metered data one weekend watching Disney Plus, you will still be able to call work colleagues during the week or keep in touch with important family members, without having to worry about or stress over how much data your kids are using. The ability to Wi-Fi call or video call the people most important to you, will always be there with an nbn Sky Muster Plus plan.

If you live in a household that needs to be connected and calling your family, friends and work colleagues is important to you, IPSTAR Broadband nbn Sky Muster Plus is the best option for this. At IPSTAR Broadband your family can get unmetered Wi-Fi Calling and video calling + much more for only  $50 per month on a 24 month contract, minimum cost over 24 months is $1200. This plan will also come with 50 GB of metered data which can be used to watch 50 hours of Netflix on standard definition.

Why you should plus with us

IPSTAR Broadband has been providing internet connectivity to remote and regional Australians for over a decade. We were the first to provide satellite internet to Australians and our commitment to backing the bush has remained steadfast. We offer Australian based customer service and our team of experts will always be there for you when you need us. At IPSTAR Broadband you are a name, not a number.