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Key Points Everyone Should Know about Fixed Line nbn

Key Points Everyone Should Know about Fixed Line NBN article image by IPSTAR

The nbn or the National Broadband Network is a nationwide project launched by the Federal Government of Australia to provide super fast Internet connection to everyone in the country. Wherever you are in the country, there is a particular nbn connection that suits you.


One of the options for nbn plans is the nbn fixed line. As its name implies, this connection passes through a fixed line of fibre optic cables. These cables are currently being deployed throughout Australia for areas that will have fixed line connections. Meanwhile, those who live further away in rural and regional areas receive the wireless option, which is slightly slower but still faster than the current ADSL2+ connections.


How to get nbn fixed line


Once the fibre optic cables in your neighborhood have been placed, and your home is ready, you can easily switch from your ADSL or ADSL2+ broadband connection to nbn fixed line.You contact your service provider for assistance. Most nbn Internet providers would not charge anything to you for making the switch.


What are the benefits nbn fixed line?


The nbn fixed line technology is the most advanced in the entire network. This particular connection will yield network speeds of up to 100mbps, and upload speeds of up to 40mbps. Of course, there are slightly slower connections any household may avail depending on their plan.


Here are some benefits of the nbn fixed line:


  • Transmits data over long distances without losing connection speed
  • Not affected by noise and other ground activity leading to stable connectivity
  • Can support high bandwidth which means multiple parties can connect without losing speed


As you can see, nbn is the next generation of Internet connection particularly in Australia. If you want to avail of the best nbn deals, you have to ask around and search for trusted and reliable nbn providers. In your search, you would not just get the deal you want, but a lasting service that you can count on.


Take note that for areas supported by nbn fixed line or the fibre line, the copper wire connections would soon be disconnected. This means there is no other option but to switch to nbn. If you want to know more information about nbn deals, plans, and packages, just visit IPSTAR Broadband Satellite. Call them on 132 800 or email them at [email protected].