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Credit Management and Financial Hardship Policy Summary – IPSTAR

Scope of this document

This Policy Summary (and the IPSTAR Australia Pty Limited Credit Management and Financial Hardship Policy) only applies to our customers who are end users of our Internet Service.

Financial hardship assessment

Financial hardship means a situation where:

  1. due to reasonable cause, a Customer is unable to discharge their financial obligations under their contract with IPSTAR Australia Pty Limited (IPSTAR); and
  2. the Customer reasonably expects to be able to discharge those obligations if payment or Service arrangements are changed.

Upon a Customer’s request, IPSTAR will assess a Customer’s eligibility for assistance under the IPSTAR  Financial Hardship Policy, in undertaking that assessment, will take into account the Customer’s individual circumstances. IPSTAR  will not charge for the assessment, or for implementing any financial hardship arrangements.

IPSTAR may require supporting documentation in order to consider an application by a Customer for assistance under the IPSTAR Financial Hardship Policy.

Each application for consideration under the IPSTAR Financial Hardship Policy is assessed individually on its merits.

Financial hardship arrangements

IPSTAR will ensure that any financial hardship arrangements agreed with a Customer are sufficiently flexible to take account of the Customer’s individual circumstances.

Some of the options that IPSTAR will consider implementing under a financial hardship arrangement include:

  1. waiving disconnection, suspension and/or reconnection fees;
  2. waiving late payment or interest fees;
  3. agreeing to the payment of a Customer’s debt within a specific timeframe.

Financial hardship policy information

IPSTAR will ensure that it has staff who are trained in applying and processing its Financial Hardship Policy. Customers who require any information concerning the IPSTAR Financial Hardship Policy can contact IPSTAR by telephone on 1300 464 778 or by post addressed to IPSTAR Australia Pty Limited, 154 Pacific Highway, St Leonards, New South Wales.

When calling, please ask to speak to one of our trained Financial Hardship Policy staff.

Further options

If you need to optain financial assistance or advice, you can find more information about free financial counselling services at Financial Counselling Australia.