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Payment Assistance Policy Summary

1   Battling to pay your telco bill?

If you’re a financial hardship customer, you have a right to apply for short-term financial hardship assistance (up to three billing cycles) or long-term assistance (more than three billing cycles).  Assistance is free of charge.

2   What counts as financial hardship?

Financial hardship is when you can’t pay what you owe us because of things like:

  • personal or household illness;
  • unemployment;
  • low or insufficient income, including reduced access to income;
  • being a victim survivor of domestic or family violence;
  • a death in the family;
  • a change in personal or family circumstances;
  • a natural disaster;
  • unexpected events or unforeseen changes that have impacted your income or expenditure; or
  • other reasonable causes,

but you think you could pay if we had an agreed arrangement for one or more of the financial hardship assistance options we offer.

3   What assistance options do we offer?

If you’re a financial hardship customer, we may agree to:

  • allow you more time to pay a bill
  • accept a payment plan tailored to your ability to pay
  • discount a bill
  • apply a credit to your account
  • give you credit in exchange for payments you make
  • transfer you to a different plan that better suits your circumstances
  • offer you a free non-automatic payment method.

4   How to apply for assistance

5   You can complain about financial hardship matters

    • You can complain to us – see our Complaint Handling Process here.
    • If you’re still not happy, you can complain to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO):
      • TIO website:
      • phone             1800 062 058
      • email               [email protected]
      • fax                   1800 630 614
      • post                 PO Box 276, Collins Street West, VIC 8007

6   Other places to get help

You can also get information and advice from: