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Make the most of your off-peak data

Most people aren’t awake between 1am and 7am! This is the scheduled off peak period for all nbn Satellite plans. If you select a data plan that includes a large off peak GB allowance there are some ways you can make the most of it.

Make the most of your off-peak data article image by IPSTAR

Off-peak data can double up as bonus data. With a bit of planning, you can schedule some software updates and large downloads to occur in your off peak period.

To better maximise off-peak monthly data allowances, you can install a download scheduler to your desktop computer or mobile device that allows you to schedule large file downloads during the off-peak hours.

Here are some free download scheduler resources that you can use:

  • DAP Downloaded Scheduler by Speedbit
  • Ninja Download Manager
  • Free Download Manager
  • Download Scheduler by Mozilla – Mozilla Firefox Add-On for Firefox Users

With some download schedulers (once the download scheduler application has been installed) it’s as simple as choosing the day and then the download scheduler will do the rest: that is, automatically connect to the server, download the file(s), disconnect and shut down your computer after the download is complete.

Other benefits can include dramatically increasing your download speed and allowing you to resume and restart stopped / broken downloads.

If you are worried about going over your allowance, you can simply log on to your MyIPSTAR customer portal (links below) and check how much you have used. If you are getting close to your monthly data limit you can turn off the download function or purchase an additional data block from your MyIPSTAR portal to see you through to the end of the month.

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