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nbn Fixed Line – Meet the New Technology of Nationwide Broadband Internet

NBN Fixed Line – Meet the New Technology of Nationwide Broadband Internet Instead article image by IPSTAR

As the demand for faster and more stable Internet connection grows within the country, the government has come up with a major project that can change the lives of Australians forever. This is the nbn or the national broadband network.


So what exactly is it?


This nationwide broadband connection uses  state of the art technology, and satellite connections so that almost all residences within the country can experience high-speed Internet connections.


Unfortunately, not everyone can benefit from nbn Fixed Line.


Those who are located in regional and rural areas across Australia may not be able to avail of the fixed line nbn, which is the fastest option with up to 100/40mbps download and upload speed. Instead, they will have the option to go for wireless fixed connections, or the satellite connection that is offered by various providers across the nation.


A fixed wireless nbn connection will be slightly slower at roughly 40/20 mbps download and upload speed. Still, this speed is still much faster than the current top speeds in the market.


Finally, there are those residences that cannot be reached even by wireless connections. In such cases, they will have the option of satellite Internet where signals are beamed to a receiver installed in their homes.


The nbn broadband project is currently rolling out to supported homes, and if your residence is included, the old copper telephone wires would soon be phased out. In order to experience lightning fast connection, a new wiring system will be put in place. This is composed of fibre optics that transfer more data compared to the copper wires which were originally designed to transmit telephone signals.


If you are currently looking at your options when it comes to nbn deals, there are various nbn Internet providers you may look into. Just take note that the cheapest price is not necessarily the best choice for you. Of course, you still have to consider the credibility, reputation, after sales service, customer support, and pricing of nbn service providers.


Fortunately, there is one local business in Australia that can provide the fixed nbn broadband plans you need for your residence. IPSTAR Broadband is among the most trusted providers of Internet service. Whether you are considering an nbn fixed wired, wireless, or even a satellite connection, IPSTAR has a range of options to suit your needs. Call them on 132 800 today, or fill out this form for more details.