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nbn Fixed Wireless Plans- Should You Get One For Your Home?

NBN Fixed Wireless Plans - Should You Get One For Your Home? article image by IPSTAR

The National Broadband Network’s fixed wireless plan is one of its major strengths as it answers to Australia’s need for fast, affordable, and reliable Internet connectivity. This new-age Internet technology offers residents of rural Australia the ability to enjoy consistently fast Internet despite being far removed from urban locations.


In this article, we will give you a clear picture of what nbn fixed wireless is all about and the primary requirements for you to obtain the service at home.


nbn Fixed Wireless Broadband Defined


In simple terms, a fixed wireless service is a type of connection provided via similar radio signals that are used by your smartphone to connect to the Internet. In rural areas where fixed wireless is available, nbn service providers build ground stations that distribute these 4G radio signals which are then picked up by the antenna set up at your home.


nbn Fixed Wireless Framework:


  • nbn has Points of Interconnect (POI) across Australia. These POIs connect to the wider Internet. Typically, the Points of Interconnect are located in telephone exchange facilities within your community.
  • A fibre optic cable connects the Points of Interconnect to the nearest transmission tower.
  • The transmission tower then distributes the Internet connectivity to receiving antennas installed at subscribers’ homes.


nbn service providers limit the distance between the antenna and ground station to 14 kilometres only. There are also cases where the distance between two points is just 6 kilometres.


nbn Equipment You Need for Fixed Wireless Broadband


If you are planning to get an nbn fixed wireless at home, you will require certain equipment. Some Internet service providers will include this as part of your plan, whilst others will charge extra for them.


  • Outdoor antennas will be attached outside your home. It will receive signals from transmission towers.
  • The nbn box that will be connected to the antenna via cable will be supplied by the service provider.  
  • Wireless router will be connected to the connection box via Ethernet cable.


Now that you have all important details for nbn fixed wireless, you can sign up for one with confidence. Check with us about the availability of service within your area by calling 132 800 today. You may also click here to check out our amazing nbn fixed wireless Internet deals.