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NSW & QLD Flood Policy

In response to the recent flooding and in these challenging times we wanted to say we hope you’re safe, and dry… or getting dry. We also want to say that if you have been affected, please don’t worry about your home internet being broken – we can fix that when the time comes.

If you have no connection and need it, you can find local emergency wifi spots through nbn’s social media channels. If you had to leave in an emergency evacuation and are worried your internet connection will be damaged or destroyed, we can help when the time comes to fix it. And if you are worried about paying your bill with the mounting cost of flood damage, please know there are options available to you.

When you’re ready and have the time to think about it, there are flood relief packages that you can apply for, particularly in the event that you experienced an outage or lost access to your home due to flooding.

If you need our help, please just get in touch and let us help take away some of the headache. Above all, stay safe and look after each other.

Call us on 1300 464 778 or send a message through our contact page