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Reduced Downtime with Rural Connect

Why choose Broadband with IPSTAR?

Fast and reliable connection

Unmetered social media, video game downloads and music streaming

Affordable options right for your needs

No lock in contracts

IPSTAR Broadband NBN Rural Connect Plus Plans



Great for 1-3 users

Up to 25/5 Mbps


  • Uncapped peak and off-peak data
  • 150GB peak capped data allowance
  • Priority queue support
  • 8am-8pm AEST support (9am-5pm Sat)
  • Access to customer portal with data usage info
  • No Installation Fee


  • Video Streaming, VPN and Unclassified data usage

150GB used during peak period only, uncapped during off-peak period





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Suitable for single or multi-site businesses

Up to 30/13 Mbps


  • Priority Queue Support
  • Business Hours plus 24/7 option
  • Unlimited data option
  • Static IP Address
  • Bandwidth profile options
  • + more


To ensure you get the right coverage for your
business, speak to our team directly.

Eligibility: Customers must hold an ABN to be eligible for any Rural Connect solutions.

Things you should know

Applicable to Rural Connect, not applicable to Rural Connect+ or Rural Connect Ultra.

Internet usage is treated as uncapped (unmetered) by default and only streaming video applications*, Virtual Private Network (VPN) traffic and unclassified** data usage are treated as capped (metered) and count towards the monthly peak period data allowance. Download and upload data count towards the data allowance. Data allowance resets on the first day of each calendar month. A fair use policy applies***.

When data allowance is exhausted, capped internet activity is shaped during the peak period only. Capped internet activity is shaped to 512Kbps download and 256Kbps upload. Internet activity is not capped during the off-peak period.

Data Blocks are available in 10, 20, 40GB increments and add to the peak data allowance. They expire at the end of each calendar month. A maximum 160GB of capped plan data plus data block data allowance is permitted per calendar month.

The peak period is between 4pm and 12am midnight local time (8 hours). The off-peak period is between 12am midnight and 4pm local time (16 hours).

Traffic may be shaped to wholesale speeds of 256Kbps from time to time at nbn™’s discretion in order to protect against network congestion. Typically, this includes peer to peer traffic, uploads and downloads to cloud storage platforms, PC and smartphone operating system updates, software/application updates, gaming software updates and any internet activity related to applications which nbn cannot identify. This may be extended to other internet activity at nbn™’s discretion.

The service provides speeds of up to 25Mbps download and up to 5Mbps upload and may vary due to factors such as network usage, location, weather, and technical limitations. Subject to available network capacity the speed may burst higher from time to time. Latency of the service is higher than terrestrial based nbn services due to the fact the service uses satellite technology.

There are no installation or setup fees for a standard**** Rural Connect installation. There are no charges for the satellite equipment that is installed. There is no charge to change plan and changes take effect on the first day of the calendar month. The Rural Connect contract may be terminated with a 1 month notice period. The associated termination fees are: $0 inc for 1 month term contract; $165 inc for 12-month term contract; and $275 inc for 24 month term contract.

*Embedded video in some applications may be capped during the peak period – excluding Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, and LinkedIn.

**Unclassified data usage is any internet activity related to applications which nbn cannot identify.

***Examples of unfair use include: routinely transferring large files greater than 20MB via email; downloading software, application or operating system updates for more than 20 unique devices; masking, manipulating or changing the signature of traffic to: present capped use as uncapped use, uncapped use as a different type of uncapped use, or otherwise avoid accurate data transfer measurement; performing excessive automated polling, refreshing or scraping of websites. It is also unfair use to knowingly allow any of these things.

****nbn assess whether an installation is standard and is dependent primarily on location and access.