The Sky Muster™ Educational Service allows students who study via distance education to request a separate internet service port which will allow those children to have access to data plans that are allocated for educational purposes.

What is Sky Muster™ Educational Service?

The Sky Muster™ Educational Service is designed to meet the special challenges of students who get their education via distance programs like School of the Air. This service will not be available for children who attend a brick and mortar school.

Who is eligible?

If you live in an area serviced by Sky Muster™, and have a school-aged child (K-12) enrolled in a recognised distance education program, you may be eligible to receive a Sky Muster™ Educational Service at your premises. You will also need to be verified by the nbn™ with the appropriate Education Department in your State or Territory. This service is offered only as a bolt on to your existing IPSTAR nbn™ Sky Muster™ service.


There are a great range of nbn™ Satellite plans available for Sky Muster™ Educational Services. Speeds range up to 25/5 Mbps with large monthly data allowances.


Sky Muster™ Education Plans 12/1Mbps

PlanPeak DataOff-Peak DataTotalCost Per MonthCost Per GB
*PIPS 50GB Bolt on (for existing plans of 100GB or less)50GB –50GB$15$0.30
^IPA PIPS Standard (for existing plans 100GB or greater)50GB50GB100GB$40$0.40
^IPA PIPS Premium (for existing plans 100GB or greater)100GB150GB250GB$60$0.24
^IPA PIPS Deluxe (for existing plans 100GB or greater)200GB100GB300GB$115$0.38
IPA School Standard (For schools/organisations)100GB150GB250GB$60$0.24
IPA School Premium (For schools/organisations)150GB150GB300GB$85$0.28
IPA School Deluxe (For schools/organisations)200GB100GB300GB$115$0.38

Sky Muster™ Education Plans 25/5Mbps

PlanPeak DataOff-Peak DataTotal Cost Per MonthCost Per GB
*PIPS 50GB Bolt on (for existing plans of 100GB or less)50GB –50GB$15$0.30
^IPA PIPS Standard (for existing plans 100GB or greater)50GB50GB100GB$45$0.45
^IPA PIPS Premium (for existing plans 100GB or greater)100GB150GB250GB$65$0.26
^IPA PIPS Deluxe (for existing plans 100GB or greater)200GB100GB300GB$120$0.40
IPA School Standard (For schools/organisations)100GB150GB250GB$65$0.26
IPA School Premium (For schools/organisations)150GB150GB300GB$90$0.30
IPA School Deluxe (For schools/organisations)200GB100GB300GB$120$0.40

*  Additional bolt on data available on plan sizes of 100GB or less

^ Additional service that operates on a second port on your NBN satellite modem.

How to apply?

Call now on 1300 464 778 to check eligibility and place your order with us. Or ask as a question using the form below to find out if you’re eligible.

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