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Here Are Quick Fixes When You Can’t Connect To Your nbn Fixed Wireless Plans

Here Are Quick Fixes When You Can’t Connect To Your NBN Fixed Wireless Plans article image by IPSTAR

If you’re having a difficult time connecting to your home’s nbn fixed wireless service, you should try these steps to fix the issue ASAP. These are tried-and-tested steps on how to efficiently restore your National Broadband Service fixed wireless plan.


  • Check your network provider’s status in your community


Often a major cause of the problem is that your wireless nbn Internet provider’s network is suffering from downtime. Companies will send out warnings and updates every time this happens and also when operations go back to normal.


However, if the problem persists, we suggest that you continue with troubleshooting. The details on how to fix slow nbn fixed wireless connections are below.


  • Restart your modem


Locate the power cable at the back of the modem and unplug it for one minute and then plug it back in and wait for the lights to go on.


  • Asses the power lines to the nbn device


Once the modem lights have settled, proceed to check the power cables connected to your nbn device. Plug the power cable back after 15 to 20 seconds. The cable should not be plugged into a power source as this may cause problems to your nbn fixed wireless device.


If all these procedures fail, you should contact your Internet service provider. Its best to troubleshoot your connection while a customer service agent is guiding you through other steps. If you’re still having problems with your connection, set up an appointment for an on-site inspection.


For more information on how to fix or speed up a slow Internet connection, click here! You may also call us on 132 800 if you wish to check if our service is available in your area.