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Here are Reasons to Switch to nbn Wireless Broadband Service

Here are Reasons to Switch to NBN Wireless Broadband Service article image by IPSTAR

The copper wire ADSL era is soon coming to an end. The National Broadband Network has rolled out new and brilliant broadband technology that promises to provide a superior broadband connection that will give Australians access to a wealth of information and opportunities to connect. nbn fixed wireless broadband service addresses the increasing need for fast, reliable, and consistent broadband service.


Millions of Australians all across the country are enjoying the benefits of nbn fixed wireless. If you’re one of the few people who are still stuck with slow Internet speeds from old school Internet technology, stop wasting your time and switch to nbn fixed wireless today!


Here are some compelling facts about nbn fixed wireless and how it can greatly benefit your household:


What is nbn fixed wireless?


Simply put, nbn fixed wireless is a breakthrough broadband technology that has the capacity to send and receive high-speed data between two points. nbn fixed wireless boasts of robust and dedicated bandwidth – a quality that other broadband Internet technologies fail to deliver.


Benefits of nbn Fixed Wireless Installation


  • Fast installation


One goal of the nbn is to roll out fibre to node (FTTN), fixed wireless, and satellite nbn broadband across Australia. Fixed wireless is typically recommended for those living in rural and regional areas. Satellite nbn on the other hand is the perfect broadband Internet solution for those living in remote regions of the country.


Installation of fixed wireless is faster when compared to traditional ADSL2 copper wire service. Your home can be connected to fast Internet service within 3 to 6 days after a request for installation. For those living in remote communities or those living in far off islands, installation of satellite nbn is 90 days after request for installation.


  • Scalable Bandwidth


nbn service providers offer several types of Internet plans with corresponding speeds and bandwidth. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan based on your data usage or browsing requirements. Another factor that affects bandwidth requirement is the number of individuals in a household. Typically, large households have greater bandwidth demands. With nbn service, Internet service providers have made it easy for subscribers to switch their plans.  You can take advantage of speed boosts if you desire faster Internet speeds on a temporary basis.


If you need to hear more about the benefits of switching to nbn fixed wireless broadband, call us on 132 800 or click here for more guides and information on you can enhance your Internet browsing experience.