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Sky Muster™ Plus, you’ll never, ever, ever run out of your essential data!

Don’t worry, even when YouTube, Stan or Netflix has used all your included data you can stay connected and:

  • Monitor the weather
  • Email family and friends
  • Do your internet banking
  • Perform general web browsing
  • Enjoy speed burst speeds above the 25Mbps download speed (when available)

Sky Muster Plus is expected to launch on August 8 2019.

Sky Muster Plus is a new service that will be available for eligible Sky Muster customers to upgrade to or sign up for, to have in their homes. It is a service that offers unmetered web browsing, software updates and email.

Sky Muster Plus is currently in a testing stage with the nbn and up to 50 of IPSTAR’s customers will be participating in the trial period which will take place from May 2019 until July 2019. After the testing stage is completed, Sky Muster plus will be available to the public.

Plans and prices will be announced by IPSTAR closer to the release date for Sky Muster Plus.

What is Sky Muster™ Plus? How is it different from regular Sky Muster?

Traditionally with nbn Sky Muster plans, data was limited to 300GB and below depending on what plan was chosen, no matter what you did with it, this was the limit. Once you reached your data limit, your speed was often slowed and you struggled to even browse the web. Sky Muster Plus changes this as it allowed for unmetered and unshaped web browsing, even when the data cap has been exceeded. Note: it is unmetered web browsing, not unmetered video streaming.

Here is an example of the difference between the two.

  1. Mike has a regular Sky Muster plan and he has 50GB of data for the month. He uses all 50GB of data in the first week bingeing on Netflix. His service gets slowed as he’s used all his data for the month. In the second week of the month, the time comes for Mike to pay his bills and for his kids to do their homework. It is a struggle; it takes a long time to load the bank’s website to pay those bills and the kids struggle to load articles on Wikipedia. This continues for every single day for the rest of the month. Everyone in the family home is frustrated!
  2. Steven signs up to a Sky Muster plus plan. He has 50GB of data. Steven uses all 50GB of data in the first week bingeing on Netflix. His service gets slowed, but only for video streaming services like Netflix. Steven’s browsing remains unmetered and does not get slowed down. Steven can still pay his bills at the bank easily and quickly. His kids can do their homework and browse websites like Wikipedia with no problems at all. Web browsing is fast and as it should be. Steven’s family may not be able to stream videos for the rest of the month jus like Mike’s family can’t, but at least they can do all their essential work for the rest of the month without having to be frustrated because someone used all the data.

Sky Muster Plus is designed to give customers access to essential services when browsing the web such as banking, emailing and software updates, so customers can keep doing the essential things in life without having to worry about their data allowance each and every day.

Will my current Sky Muster plan still be available?

Traditional Sky Muster services and plans will not be going away and will still be available. Sky Muster Plus will be an additional option available for customers to choose if they want unmetered content. Current IPSTAR customers, if they would like to, can upgrade to Sky Muster Plus when they feel ready after it has launched.