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Getting Connected to nbn™ Satellite

How Does Satellite Broadband Work?

Satellite broadband involves the delivery of internet service through satellite signals. A satellite dish antenna is usually installed on the roof of a house to order to receive and transmit data from a satellite that orbits the earth. The satellite transmits data to a network of larger satellite dishes that connect to your broadband service provider’s network to the internet.

Is it Possible to Use Voice over IP (VOIP) services?

Businesses and Homes on the nbn™ Sky Muster™ service are capable of using VOIP services. Currently IPSTAR Broadband doesn’t provide a specific VoIP service on the nbn™ Satellite. Homes or businesses which have the Sky Muster™ service should consider retaining a copper-line voice service for emergencies

Will my current modem/router work with nbn™ broadband

If you already own a modem/router then we suggest that you check with its manufacturer to see if it is capable of supporting nbn™ broadband.


I am on an old Satellite service. Do I need new equipment?

Whether you have no satellite dish, an old Australian Broadband Guarantee (ABG) satellite dish or an old nbn™ Interim Satellite Service (ISS) dish; you’ll need a new dish and nbn™ Connection Box. This is because the new nbn™ LTSS satellite operates on a more sophisticated wavelength to the ABG and ISS satellites, so compatible equipment is required.

An nbn™-approved technician will visit your property (typically within 6 weeks although longer timeframes may apply for areas only accessible by sea or air) to install your new satellite dish and modem, which will remain the property of nbn™ ltd. They will be installing a satellite dish, mounted on your roof, and an nbn™ Satellite Modem inside your premises. You’ll temporarily have two satellite dishes on your roof and nbn™ can arrange to remove ISS equipment at a later stage once your Sky Muster™ service is working.

Is the service available at my location?

You can check the availability of your address on the address checker on our website or call IPSTAR Broadband 132 800 and one of our friendly nbn™ experts will be able to advise you whether you are eligible for the service and also answer any other question you may have.

How do I get it installed?

As soon as we have received your application, if required, we will arrange for an installation agent to get in touch and arrange an appointment to install the new Satellite equipment at your premises. Once the equipment has been installed we will active your service.

How long does it take?

Once we have received your order it can take between 4 -8 weeks for the service to be installed depending on your location to complete a standard installation.

In isolated regions on the mainland and in Tasmania, it may take up to 35 days. For areas with limited access such as those accessible only by air or water, nbn™ installation can take about 90 business days.

Why doesn’t satellite provide more data like ADSL, Fibre or Fixed wireless?

Satellite services has limited, fixed capacity and this has to be managed via suitable data allowances. nbn™ is managing these data allowances by enforcing the Fair Use Policy due to the increase in demand.

Will there be a Fair Usage Policy in place for the new Sky Muster™ service?

Yes – the Sky Muster™ service will have a Fair Use Policy in place in order to help ensure fair access to the services over the new satellites – especially during peak-usage times. Satellite capacity is a finite resource and nbn™ helps ensure that everyone has access to a great online experience. The Fair Use Policy are as follows as of 1 October 2017:

  • 150GB / 200GB / 300GB or more data usage in 4 week rolling period during peak hours constitutes a breach of the nbn™ Fair Use Policy.
  • 300GB or more of total data usage both peak and off-peak in 4 week rolling period constituted a breach of the nbn™ Fair Use Policy.

What should I do if I need to change or cancel my nbn™ order?

Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help. Please make sure you have your customer reference information handy so we can identify for your order.