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How To Pay Your Bill On The IPSTAR Broadband Website

Paying your bill at IPSTAR Broadband is very easy. All you need to have ready is your account number, the amount you need to pay and also your card details.

Step 1

Visit IPSTAR Broadband’s Pay My Bill Online page here:

Step 2

Locate your account number on your monthly invoice. It can be found on the top right of the invoice as seen in the image below. The enter this information in the webpage where it asks for the account number.

Step 3

On the second page of your invoice, look for the “Total Amount Due” to be paid and enter this into the ‘Amount to pay’ field in the website.


Step 4

Have your bank card ready and enter the details in the bank card section of the form.

Step 5

Press the “Pay” button to pay your IPSTAR Broadband bill.