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  • International calling
    March 14, 2018

    International call rates (inc GST) Countries Rates/min Afghanistan $1.09 Albania $0.75 Algeria $0.64 American Samoa $0.43 Andorra $1.09 Angola $0.90 Anguilla $0.71 Antarctica $4.58 Antigua & Barbuda $0.57 Argentina $0.11 Argentina – Mobile $0.66 Armenia $0.82 Aruba $0.79 Ascension $1.77 Australia – Mobile (Telstra Digital) $0.15 Austria $0.64 Austria – Mobile $0.91 Azerbaijani Republic $0.77 […]

  • Phone connection fees
    March 14, 2018

    Phone connection fees   Connection types Fees  Criteria for charging New connection $300 A telephone service has not previously been connected at your premises or if you need an additional line. Existing connection $110 A working telephone socket exists from a previous connection. Existing connection with a requested technician visit $380 A working telephone socket […]

  • Call caps
    March 14, 2018

    Call caps Mobile 15 mins $2.00 National 60 mins $2.00 Top 10 International 30 mins $2.00 Top 10 International countries include UK, USA, Italy, Canada, Singapore, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand and China.  

  • How can I order an IPSTAR Broadband home phone service? There are 2 ways you can order an IPSTAR Broadband Home Phone service, the 1st way is; Log onto your Customer portal by going to and entering your login details Navigate to My Voice in the menu on the left hand side of the […]

  • How do I check my call usage? Your usage will be displayed on your monthly invoice.  

  • How long will my phone order take? When ordering a Home Phone service orders placed after 5pm will be treated as if you had requested it the following working day. Transfer my number to IPSTAR Broadband When transferring a number to IPSTAR Broadband we will endeavor to have this transaction completed within 3 Business days […]

  • How is my Bundle discount applied? You will see a credit for $5 on your invoice each month when you have an eligible IPSTAR Broadband and Home phone service active.  

  • What Broadband and Home Phone plans are eligible for the bundle discount? The below plans are eligible for the IPSTAR Broadband bundle discount. Home Phone Plan Broadband Plan PAYG + National saver call pack satellite 10 PAYG + Mobile saver call pack satellite 40 satellite 65 satellite 75 satellite 100 satellite 150  

  •   The internet is something we all need in our daily lives and we rely on the internet to do almost everything we do these days. Some of these things include online banking, working from home, running a business, kid’s homework, gaming, watching TV shows or movies plus much more. The internet is essentially the […]