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  • Rural Connect Ultra from IPSTAR

    Can you relate to… Unresponsive support teams? Slow customer care means slow issue resolution Get back online and back to business fast Get back online and back to business fast Regularly exceeding your data allowance? Moving to Sky Muster™ Plus has helped but is still not enough Stop rationing data throughout the month Replace and…

  • Rural Connect from IPSTAR

    Can you relate to… Spotty 4G or a limited data allowance? Stop competing for bandwidth Consumer solutions don’t cater to business needs You need a fit-for-purpose solution Listening to lengthy hold music whilst waiting for support? Unresponsive support teams mean slower issue resolution and more downtime Get back online and back to business fast You…

  • Rural Connect

    Which Rural Connect solution is right for you? Are you a small remote or home business that is struggling with basic bandwidth? Rural Connect is a solution that bridges the gap between consumer and business connectivity. Get the connection your small business needs to thrive, with upgraded support. Unlock the benefits of fast issue resolution,…

  • Ross Lloyd

    Great Communication “So easy to get the right information, what I need, when it will be done, nothing was a problem, returned all my calls and the most I was on the phone was about 10 minutes.”

  • Raymond S

    Without it we’d be isolated! “I’ve experienced no issues whatsoever. Always found the company polite, positive and helpful. Excellent service! The connection even in really bad weather is remarkable considering how windy it gets up in the hills where I live. Thank you for being available.”