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The Benefits of Having nbn Fixed Line at Home

The Benefits of Having NBN Fixed Line at Home article image by IPSTAR

National Broadband Network, a government-funded initiative that presents an effective solution to slow and unreliable broadband has been rolled out across the entire country since 2015. The nbn Internet technology aims to present reliable but cost-effective Internet plans among rural, remote, and regional residents.


One of the more popular Internet service offerings is fixed line nbn. If this is your first time hearing about this Internet service type, continue reading to find out more!


What is nbn fixed line?


nbn fixed line is considered the fastest nbn service plan as it utilises fibre optic technology. This brand new technology is undeniably faster and more efficient than the old school copper-wire ADSL2+ connection.


But did you know that fixed line nbn is actually a mixed technological service as it may fall under two different categories:


  1. Fibre to the premises. nbn fixed line establishes stable Internet connection in your home with the use of fibre-optic cables installed on the ground and overhead.
  2. Fibre to Node. This is multi-mix technology in that a household’s existing copper wire technology is directly connected to a brand new fibre network.


What are the benefits of having fixed line nbn installed at home?


nbn fixed line promises faster Internet speeds that will truly enhance your Internet experience. Unlike copper wire broadband networks that are unreliable, nbn fixed line promises uninterrupted streaming and downloading of large files. If you live in a multiple household this is the ideal nbn Internet deal for you and the family.


Another reason why nbn is the best Internet service plan is the fact that they offer higher bandwidth for large households. If all the people at home are heavy Internet users with multiple devices, an nbn fixed line plan will ensure reliable connectivity that never loses its speed. The higher download and upload speeds also means that you can receive and send out files without slowing down the entire network.


nbn fixed lines promise higher quality of data transmission over an extended period of time. As fibre optic cables are installed on the ground and premises, data transmission is kept intact even across long distances.


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