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Tips and Tricks on Getting the Best nbn Deals on a Budget

Tips and Tricks on Getting the Best NBN Deals on a Budget article image by IPSTAR

Many Australians are still paying soaring monthly rates for a slow and unreliable Internet connection. Imagine spending your hard-earned cash on outdated equipment, unstable Internet connections and poor customer service. Instead of wasting your money, why not make the switch to getting an nbn Internet plan for your home. Enjoy lightning speed Internet with a larger data allowance for your household with nbn broadband plans that are within budget and available wherever you are in the country.


You can save money simply by switching to cutting edge nbn Internet broadband technology. Besides the low cost of installation and monthly payments, here are three more ways to cut down your Internet expenses.


  • Downgrade if necessary


It’s a good idea to identify exactly how much and how often you need an Internet connection at home. Scaling back doesn’t mean a downgrade on the service you receive. You can still enjoy speedy and reliable Internet even when using the most basic nbn plans.


If you live alone, a basic plan with decent upload and download speed, is all you will need. If you mainly use Internet at the workplace or Wi-Fi in public areas, then you don’t need a large bandwidth.


  • Compare deals across multiple nbn Internet providers


One of the reasons why many Australians are still paying a fortune for sub-par Internet service is that most stop to look at cheaper alternatives. You may be a long-time subscriber of ADSL2+ and don’t ever bother to check the rates of other providers. National Broadband service plans are actually more affordable than those powered by old-school copper wire network.


Don’t hesitate to ask around and check the rates of Internet service providers in your area. Be curious and ask as many questions as you can along the way. By comparing deals, you will be able to find a plan that matches your personal preferences and budget, too!


  • Check online deals and discounts


Most nbn service providers are offering first-time subscribers incentives when they apply. For those living in regional and remote areas, the government is also offering financial assistance to make installation more affordable.


If these tips aren’t enough to save you money, click here to find out more about tactics on how to get your Internet bill more affordable. For additional enquiries, you may also reach us on 132 800.