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Here are Tips and Tricks on How to Improve your Fixed Line nbn Connection at Home

Here are Tips and Tricks on How to Improve your Fixed Line NBN Connection at Home article image by IPSTAR

Now that your fixed line nbn has been installed, your family can experience the Internet at a whole new level. Although National Broadband Services are supposed to be better than traditional rural broadband and broadband regional copper wire technologies, you need to remember that you can still encounter problems using them from time to time.


In this article, we will reveal ways on how you can optimise nbn fixed line plans:


  • Ideally your modem should be positioned in an obstruction-free zone. Avoid placing it against thick walls and large appliances. The perfect location is in the middle of your home, in a slightly elevated position. This will ensure that coverage is optimised all over the home and that everybody can get decent Internet connection.
  • Do not install your modem in the kitchen. It is recommended not to install a modem near a microwave oven as they use the same method of reception and utilise the same electromagnetic spectrum.
  • Disconnect the modem when not in use. Just like appliances, devices that support Internet connectivity should be turned off.
  • Set a password for your Wi-Fi. Always secure your account and connection from possible misuse by unscrupulous individuals.
  • To speed up Internet connection, try cleaning up your desktop or PC occasionally. Running virus scans is also beneficial if you want a more reliable device and faster Internet speeds.


There is no one best nbn service provider nor is there a perfect nbn fixed line, our technologies, although quite advanced, still need to improve. Until then, we need to do our part in making the most of our online experience by following the best practices.