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Top 4 Questions about nbn Wireless Broadband Answered

Top 4 Questions about NBN Wireless Broadband Answered article image by IPSTAR

The National Broadband Network or nbn is a  nationwide project initiated by the Federal Government which aims at providing lightning fast Internet connection to every household in Australia. But while it offers speeds of up to 100/40Mbps, that speed varies greatly depending on the type of connection.


For households located in rural and regional areas, the nbn fixed wireless plans are a great alternative, with connection speeds of up to 25/5Mbps. With the nbn project currently underway, there are several questions that need to be answered when it comes to nbn wireless plans.


The following are four of the most common questions about fixed wireless nbn connections:


  1. How do I know my household is not qualified for fixed wired connections? Most households located within urban areas and cities are qualified for fixed wired connections, or those that use fibre optics. Unfortunately, for regional areas, only fixed wireless connections may become available because it would cost a lot in resources to fund wiring systems outside of cities.
  2. What are the requirements in applying to nbn Internet providers? Every household can switch to nbn connection right away as soon as their households are ready. Most Internet providers today even offer nbn deals so making a change is quick and easy.
  3. Which one is more reliable? Mobile wireless or nbn wireless? Some people think that mobile Internet is more reliable than nbn Internet. This is not true. With mobile Internet, connection speed may drop depending on the number of subscribers in a particular area. In contrast, nbn wireless signals have a fixed number of subscribers in a given area, which means connectivity will always remain stable and reliable.
  4. How does nbn fixed wireless work? The nbn satellite that the Federal Government funded send signals to towers outside urban areas and cities. These send the signals directly to households that have installed infrastructure for fixed wireless connections.


These are some of the answers to top questions about nbn wireless. Before you contact nbn wireless providers, make sure you are familiar with these details. It is always a great idea to check out information-rich and authority websites.


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