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Top Three Features Which Make Fixed Wireless nbn Plans a Worthwhile Choice

Top Three Features Which Make Fixed Wireless NBN Plans a Worthwhile Choice article image by IPSTAR

People looking at switching to fixed wireless nbn plans are often faced with the problem of choosing the best plan for their needs.


In this article, we will enumerate three of the major selling factors that make nbn fixed wireless a worthwhile choice!


  • Latency


Latency issues will rarely be a concern for those who wish to get nbn fixed wireless at home. Lag issues are frustrating for Internet users. With nbn fixed wireless it is rare to experience lag when surfing the Internet as signals travel directly from antennas to the tower closest to your location, practically eliminating latency problems altogether.


  • Lightning Speed Connectivity


For urban dwellers who need Internet connectivity to accomplish most of their jobs and crucial tasks, speed is a major concern. Old-school Internet technologies simply cannot keep up with the demands of modern Australians for a lightning speed broadband service. On the other hand, nbn fixed wireless can guarantee up to 50Mbps speed during off peak hours.


  • Reliability


Although fixed line nbn plans are considered to be the most reliable due to their robust infrastructure, they are not free from vulnerabilities. In some cases, cables that run underground can be damaged over time. If your connection is damaged, you are most certainly going to suffer from frequent disruptions to your service. nbn fixed wireless plans on the other hand are more reliable in that service interruptions are resolved faster due to its more direct, non-physical point-to-point connection.


If you want to enjoy consistently fast Internet connection, give us a call on 132 800 and we will suggest the best type of nbn deal for your needs and budget. You may also click here to check the availability of nbn fixed wireless in your area.