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Troubleshooting the Most Common Data Connection Problems of your nbn Fixed Wireless at Home

Troubleshooting the Most Common Data Connection Problems of your NBN Fixed Wireless at Home article image by IPSTAR

You’ve been looking forward all day to resume watching your favorite Netflix series once you arrive home, but there seems to be a problem! Your nbn Internet isn’t cooperating at all! You have been suffering from slow Internet connection to no Internet connection lately.


In these cases, what do you do? Before resorting to tethering Internet from your smartphone, here are troubleshooting measures that will restore your connection.


  • If you have no connection


This is one of the most common problems nbn customers encounter. First, you need to identify your connection. Is your home PC connected to cable or are you using Wi-Fi? If you are trying to connect a tablet or other mobile devices, make sure to enable Wi-Fi and attempt to reconnect.


For a cabled connection, make sure the cables are secure and fit snugly into the computer. If the cables are loose or worn, we recommend you buy a new cable.


You will also need to power cycle as a primary troubleshooting step. Turning your router on and off most often resolves the connection issues at home. Make sure all cables and connections are plugged properly.


  • If you suffer from slow Internet connection


We’re decades away from dial-up connectivity, but it seems like we still experience extremely slow Internet speeds from time to time. Even nbn fixed wireless and satellite plans from reputed providers will experience the occasional slow down. Bear in mind that this is natural especially during peak hours.


Again, you can fix this problem by following the primary troubleshooting steps of checking your cable or Wi-Fi connection, securing plugs, and power cycling. If all of these fail, the cause of your problem may be surge protectors. If you have power boards that feature surge protectors, try removing them altogether. This action alone may speed up connection immediately.


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