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Every household in Australia wants a stable Internet connection. Unlike in the past when access to the World Wide Web was a luxury, it is now a necessity. While Internet connection speeds have increased through the years, speeds are now becoming even faster.


Today, the Internet is widely used not just in online research and education. It has also paved the way for e-commerce, which enables startup businesses to immediately complete with established companies. However, not everyone enjoys fast Internet speeds today.


Fortunately, the Federal Government has launched the nbn (National Broadband Network) project, which would provide high-speed connections to every household in the country. Every household may get either of the two connections – fixed line connection, and an nbn fixed wireless connection.


Fixed wireless nbn – what is it?

A fixed wireless nbn connection is a connection that does not use fibre optics like in in fixed line connections. Reasons may vary, but the most common one could be that particular household is too far away from a signal source. This is applicable for regional and rural areas across the country.


Under these circumstances, a wired connection is not possible, which means they would be offered nbn fixed wireless plans instead. Here are some characteristics of such nbn deals:



These are just some of the primary topics and points about nbn fixed wireless plans. Remember that this connection would not use any wires, but just common equipment that can transmit and receive nbn signals. If you are looking for a trusted nbn fixed wireless providers, then check out IPSTAR Broadband. Call their hotline on 132 800, or email them at [email protected]


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