In the upcoming holiday season, streaming video content over the internet is going to be more demanding than ever for Australian households. There are now more streaming services than ever before available for Australians with new ones like Disney Plus and Apple TV+ being the latest additions.

With Disney Plus being a service that kids will likely be using the most, it’s now becoming common that in one room of the home someone’s streaming Disney Plus and in another room, someone else is watching Netflix. Having two services running at the same time means a lot of data usage will occur and for those on the 12/1 Mbps speeds, videos in the home may start to slow down if on high-quality settings. Upgrading your speed to 25/5 Mbps (extra $5 per month) or choosing a plan with more data could help out a lot this holiday season.

Upgrading your plans data with IPSTAR Broadband is easy, it can be done online and any upgrade order during December 2019 will be active by January 2020. If you need data fast though and want it for December, you might also want to try purchasing a data pack. You can find out how here.

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