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Using The Internet To Make Your Pet’s Life Better

Using The Internet To Make Your Pet’s Life Better

Using The Internet To Make Your Pet’s Life Better

The idea of having a fully automated smart home has been an increasingly popular trend in recent years. It’s now quite common for households to have voice activated assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa or a Google Home. In these homes, with just a couple of sentences from someone’s voice, people have their lights, air conditioners or home entertainment systems switching on or off. But what about for our pets? It seems now that the smart home craze has spread and there are now a bunch of fun smart home pet items to choose from that make our lives so much easier.

Cameras/Pet Monitoring Doors

Keeping track of your pet in your home when you are away has become easier than ever before. There are now companies such as Petcube that make cameras that can be connected to your home Wi-Fi and activated via your phone through an app. Even you are away you can check on your pet by viewing the camera through your phone. Some smart pet home cameras even have features that let you talk to your pet while you are away or allow you to get alerted when your pet Is moving around near where the camera is set up.

Smart Pet Home Doors allow people to control which pets can come into your home and which cannot. Some people with pet doors on their doors at home have found on occasion that maybe a neighbour’s cat has come into their home through the door. Smart pet home doors prevent this by putting a tag on your pet’s collar and then only opening when your pet is trying to get through and not anybody else’s.

Pet Activity Trackers

Pet activity trackers work in a similar way to how smart pet doors work in that they often will track where your pet is by placing a device on their collar. Often pet activity trackers will require a subscription as many of the companies offering them use 3G GPS tracking to track where your pet is. But what pet activity trackers can do is let you know when your pet has wondered away from your home or left a particular zone that you have set on the map. You will then get a notification on your phone to tell you that your pet is gone and also where exactly it is so you can easily find it.


Automated feeding is now a possibility with feeding devices being able to be connected to your home Wi-Fi and set to a routine so that your pets can get some yummy treats each day. Brands such as Dogness, Petoneer and Pettec have devices that can feed pets each day and even have devices that can purify your pet’s water supply/pet bowl. Having better water can improve your pet’s health when compared to a regular bowl that might not be cleaned regularly. Some of these devices can help to improve your pets health and provide some regular treats at regular times which you might forget to do if you’re super busy during the week.


There are a few smart toys on the market that cater towards satisfying your pet’s entertainment needs. There are companies out there specialising in both dog and cat toys. One of these companies is Ceerble which makes an ball known as the Cheerble Wicked Ball that moves around on its own so that it’s a bit harder for your pet to catch. There’s also the Petronic Mousr Robotic Cat Toy which moves around on its own and is controllable from your phone. It will essentially have your cats chasing after it for hours of fun.

There are multiple smart home pet items available that use the internet to help make our pet’s lives better. The smart home pet market it still fairly new, but it’s likely that in the future that there will be even more of these items available in our homes as we move towards a more connected world.