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4 Things to Watch Out for when Picking Regional Internet Providers

In Australia, most households that are located in rural areas do not have access to high-speed DSL, cable, and even fiber optics connections. As a result, they still settle for slow dial-up connections – in 2017. Fortunately, regional broadband services have been improved over the past several years, offering a better option for these households.

4 Things to Watch Out for when Picking Regional Internet Providers article image by IPSTAR


But before you make quick a decision, you should be aware that not all Internet provider companies are equal. If you want to make sure that your regional Internet service lasts, here are some things you need to avoid when considering a provider:

  1. Startup companies with little or no proven track record – When you are looking for a service provider, you are not just looking for a business that can meet your immediate needs. You should also make sure that the business can provide the service you need in the long run. Some startup companies may not be able to withstand competition, and suddenly close down, leaving you without any satellite Internet.
  2. Service providers with no toll free or national access numbers – One of the disadvantages of regional Internet providers is that they often do not provide access numbers that are easy to contact wherever you are in Australia.
  3. Businesses that offer unreliable customer services – When searching for Internet providers, take note that you are not just looking for Internet broadband connection, but also a reliable partner that can answer your questions, and take care of any inquiry or problem. A lot of companies rely on overseas call centres
  4. Internet providers that offer extremely low prices and packages – When searching for providers, you will come across businesses that offer very cheap satellite Internet prices. Beware of these packages because these may not meet your Internet connection needs.


Searching for a good Internet regional business is not that difficult once you know what you are looking for, and what you’re NOT looking for. Take into consideration that availing broadband in regional locations is not a simple service, and that it requires an experienced and reputable service provider.

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