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DIY Tips on How to Enhance Speed Without Calling your Internet Provider

DIY Tips on How to Enhance Speed Without Calling your Internet Provider article image by IPSTAR

Our never-ending thirst for information seems to have been quenched by the nbn’s roll out of what promised to be fast and reliable nbn Internet service. With Australians downloading millions of terabytes of data every year, nbn is expected to produce results that ADSL technology failed to deliver.


The demand for faster broadband speeds and more bandwidth has been answered by the multitude of Internet service providers offering nbn deals to all Australian households wherever they may be. Regional broadband has improved significantly all thanks to the nbn’s introduction of fixed line, fixed wireless, and satellite connections. Internet subscribers who live in the outback or in remote communities have successfully closed in the digital gap due to rural broadband services offered by some of competent and reliable Internet service providers.


But despite the promise of maximum speed and consistent optimum performance, there are still times when connection speeds are similar to what one usually experienced with copper wire connections. With nbn being a technology in its infancy, performance issues are inevitable. In addition, there will be limitations on the improvement in speed as nbn, together with its partners, is still in the process of tweaking systems and networks. These are minor inconveniences but help nbn provide a better service in the future.


For now, here are things that you can do at home to improve your Internet connection without seeking the help of an Internet service provider.


  • Connect Directly


Don’t think about switching nbn service providers just yet. You need to perform some manual troubleshooting on your end to remedy slow speeds first. The root cause may be your Wi-Fi and not your connection. You can detect the problem simply by a direct connection. You may not have done this since your Internet was installed, but it is a routine troubleshooting procedure to check where your slow Internet connection lies. Connect your laptop to the modem via an Ethernet cable and see if there’s any improvement.


  • Check the modem

When it comes to improving the speed of Internet connectivity in your home, your control is limited in that you can only modify the elements inside your home. If the direct connection test proves you have a strong Internet connection, and the Wi-Fi connection is still slow, you need to have the modem checked or replaced. You may request a new modem from your service provider or purchase one yourself.  Follow the installation procedure to the letter to ensure that you resume using the Internet at the fast speeds you desire.


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