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Enjoying the Benefits of Satellite Internet from Reputable Providers

With the roll out of the nbn network,  broadband connections using ADSL and ADSL2+ are becoming redundant. While they are still reliable, the world is demanding even faster connections. For Australians living in remote locations Internet satellite is usually the solution of choice


There are various satellite Internet service providers that you may choose from if you are interested. If you need rural satellite Internet it is because of where your premises is located.

So how does this work?


First, you have to check out some satellite Internet deals, and choose one that best suits your needs. You can choose your bandwidth, and the contract period where you will avail the service. Next, the service provider would visit your premises to install certain equipment for you to receive signals from their satellite.


Regional satellite Internet give rural Australian access to internet speeds that people in the city have been taking advantage of for years

  • The satellite Internet bundles come with free installation
  • It uses state of the art Satellite equipment offering speeds 6 times faster than previously available
  • Some reputable providers offer month to month contract terms so you arent locked in if you arent happy with the service
  • Satellite Internet prices are more affordable than alternative mobile data plans


If you are looking for a trusted service provider of Internet satellite connections, IPSTAR Broadband have been providing internet to rural and regional Australia for over ten years. We are dedicated to offering affordability, local support, fast connections and Internet coverage to those in remote locations. For users who are searching for an Internet provider that they can rely on in the years to come, contact IPSTAR today at 132 800, or through email at [email protected]