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Here’s How to Lower your nbn Fixed Line Connection Bill

Here’s How to Lower your NBN Fixed Line Connection Bill article image by IPSTAR

Is it just me or are nbn Internal bills increasing over time? Rising bills and additional fees can be very problematic especially for households on a very tight budget. There are nbn Internet providers who advertise low monthly payments, but will eventually bombard you with fees that were never mentioned during the application process. Now that you are unfortunately locked in your nbn plan for many months to come, how can you remedy this expensive billing problem?


In this article, we will give you budget tips that will help you control your Internet bills.


  • Know how much Internet speed and data you need


The most expensive plan isn’t necessarily the thing your home needs. If you live alone, we advise you to get the cheapest fixed line nbn available in your area. If you have access to the Internet in other places such as at work or in school, it is sensible that you optimise their use. Once you return home, your Internet use will already be minimal since you have utilised public or private Internet connections from third parties.


If you have multiple devices in the household and are heavy Internet users, the more expensive plans with excellent data allowance and speed will fit you perfectly.


  • What are the nbn options available in your location?


The National Broadband Network offers different types of nbn deals in Australia. Whilst fixed line or fixed wireless nbn are ideal for people living in towns or suburbs not too far from metropolitan centres, those in remote or regional Australia may require an nbn satellite connection instead. Make sure to check which type of nbn is available in your area. If there are numerous nbn Internet service providers in your area, it’s easier to find one that offers the best deals with the lowest price offer.


  • Bandwidth moderation


Bandwidth moderation is ideal if you have multiple devices in the household. If you choose to limit the use of Internet for children, there are programs that enable you to limit their access online. In this way, you can still allow them to use their Internet without having to worry about going over the data cap due to heavy Internet usage.


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