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How to Optimise your nbn Satellite Data Allowance at Home

How to Optimise your NBN Satellite Data Allowance at Home article image by IPSTAR

nbn satellite Internet providers do not set data caps or allowances. Unlike traditional mobile Internet service, you don’t need to pay extra if you require more data compared to other subscribers in your area. nbn satellite providers deliver fair and equal Internet access for all customers, thus you will experience slower speeds on occasion.


As Australia follows policies that require fair access to an Internet service, subscribers like you will typically experience slower Internet connection once you have exceeded the allotted data allowance under your plan. If you want to maintain fast Internet speeds, it is recommended that you stay within your monthly data allowance. So how can you fully enjoy fast connection and performance under your data plan.


Here are some tips to follow:


  • Use Internet during off peak hours


Avoiding peak hours is one of the best ways to maximise your satellite Internet service. Peak hours fall between 5pm and 10pm, thus you will notice reduced speed during this time period. nbn satellite networks are usually congested during peak hours, so make sure to avoid using the Internet at this time if possible.


  • Carefully monitor your data use


One of the most practical and easiest ways to optimise your nbn plan is to take a closer look at your usage data. Knowing how much data you use for online activities will help you plan your household’s Internet use.


Typically, downloading large files and video streaming utilises more data whilst web browsing and checking of emails only take up little data.


By strategically planning your activities, you will have fast and more reliable connection whenever you’re online.


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