IPSTAR Australia Pty Limited Summary of Standard Form of Agreement –

NBN Co Limited Long Term Satellite Service (LTSS)

(Residential Use Only)

Version 3.0 – April 2018

IPSTAR Australia Pty Limited [ACN 107338901] (“IPSTAR”) may offer to supply Broadband Satellite Internet Services and ancillary products and services directly to certain qualifying end users for a minimum contract period on the terms and conditions set out in the IPSTAR Australia Pty Ltd Standard Form of Agreement – NBN Co Limited (nbn)  Long Term Satellite Services (LTSS) (the “Agreement”). This document is a summary of the Agreement. It does not include details about all aspects of the Services offered by IPSTAR under the Agreement. It is very general and should not be relied on as a substitute for reading the Agreement. The Agreement is made up of the terms and conditions contained in the Standard Form of Agreement (and its schedules), an approved Application Form, the IPSTAR Acceptable Use Policy, the IPSTAR Privacy Policy, the IPSTAR Complaints Handling Policy and the IPSTAR Credit Management & Financial Hardship Policy. The Agreement is available at IPSTAR’s offices at 154 Pacific Highway, St Leonards, New South Wales 2065, via the MyIPSTAR Portal and via our website at http://ipstarsandbox2.wpengine.com/legal/

What Services does IPSTAR offer under the Agreement?

The primary Service offered by IPSTAR under the Agreement is a Broadband Satellite Internet Access service (the “Satellite Internet Service”). Each Satellite Internet Service offered is subject to a maximum speed, a set maximum download limit, and a monthly fee. The secondary Service Offered by IPSTAR is a Home Phone Service (Public Switched Telephone Network). Each Home Phone Service offered is only available as a bundle with the Satellite Internet Service and subject to network availability and usage polices as set out in the Agreement.

The Satellite Internet Service can be managed by You via IPSTAR’s “self service” customer portal known as “MyIPSTAR Portal”, which allows qualifying end users to self-manage parts of the Broadband Satellite Service such as email addresses, payment options and allows upgrading and downgrading between Service plans.

The plans are available on our website at http://ipstarsandbox2.wpengine.com/products/ipstar-nbn-satellite/

In each of the plans, the speed of the Satellite Internet Service is selected by you however your speed might vary due to several factors such as location, weather and other technical limitations. There is no extra charge for excess data. However, if you exceed your data allowance the maximum speed will be shaped to 128 kbps (for both uploads and downloads). The speeds referred to in the plans are in kilobits per second and specify the maximum download speed/maximum upload speed applicable to the relevant service and depend on numerous factors such as customer location, weather and other variables and technical limitations. The data cap is expressed in gigabytes. The data cap specifies the monthly download data transmission limit for the service and the monthly fee specifies the applicable GST-inclusive monthly Charges. IPSTAR reserves the right to shape the service to 128k/128k if the Customer exceeds the data cap. Please also note that the data allocation is specified is based on both download and upload usage.

Who is eligible for the Services?

The Services are available for residential use only.

The Services supplied by IPSTAR under the Agreement have not been designed and do not support the supply of satellite internet access on any basis other than for a limited period as provided by the Agreement. The Services are reliant, among other things, on a satellite service supplied to IPSTAR by nbn. Further, there is no guarantee that the Services can be supplied to You. The Services are only available for supply to premises within the footprint that is defined by nbn for the Internet Service.  See the address checker at http://ipstarsandbox2.wpengine.com/.

All applications for the Services are also subject to you meeting our credit criteria.

Who owns and installs the CPE?

nbn owns the Satellite Internet Service CPE. Ownership of the Satellite Internet Service CPE remains with nbn at all times.


What other charges apply and how may customers pay?


Minimum term, termination and related provisions of the Agreement

Variations to the Agreement

Important Customer Information: Your Rights and Obligations

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