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Listen to your favourite music apps data free with IPSTAR Broadband nbn Sky Muster Plus

Music is one of the things that is at the centre of so many of our lives. We all have a favourite musician or album we love to listen to over and over again. In recent years, music streaming through apps such as Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music has become very popular.

On standard nbn Sky Muster plans, listening to music was quite possible because the file sizes for individual songs aren’t actually that big, but each customer only really had a maximum of 300GB of data they could use in a month, which had to cover everything that they would do online in a month. Once monthly the data allowance was gone, the internet was slowed down and downloading or streaming a song would then take a very long time. Each hour of Spotify music listening would use between 40-70 megabytes. Some of our customers are only on 10-50GB plans and with everything else that chews up data such as Netflix, the time would eventually come when it would run out. If it wasn’t music streaming that was the cause, it was from something else. It would eventually happen and so many of our customers were very frustrated when they couldn’t listen to their favourite songs.

On IPSTAR Broadband nbn Sky Muster Plus the frustration that came when you couldn’t stream your favourite song at home is now gone. Music streaming and downloading audio files are unmetered on IPSTAR Broadband nbn Sky Muster Plus and won’t count towards your data. This means that even if you ran out of your monthly metered data because you watched way too much Netflix one month, you could still listen to all your favourite songs data free and stress free.

You can also do much more, audio streaming and audio files aren’t limited to just music, you can also:

· Listen to podcasts

· Download audiobooks

· Download audio files for your studies such as recorded lectures from a University

For people that think listening to audio files or streaming music is important to them. IPSTAR Broadband nbn Sky Muster Plus is the best option. If you want to listen to Spotify from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed, you can, but you can only do this on IPSTAR Broadband nbn Sky Muster Plus. IPSTAR Broadband recommends the nbn Sky Muster Plus 50 as the best option for music streaming, it is available from $50* per month and will give you unmetered music and audio streaming + more unmetered activities and it will come with 50GB of metered data, enough to watch 50 hours of Netflix on standard definition.

*$50 per month on a 24 month plan, minimum cost $1200

Why you should plus with us

IPSTAR Broadband has been providing internet connectivity to remote and regional Australians for over a decade. We were the first to provide satellite internet to Australians and our commitment to backing the bush has remained steadfast. We offer Australian based customer service and our team of experts will always be there for you when you need us. At IPSTAR Broadband you are a name, not a number.