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Not Eligible for Fixed Wired and Wireless? Try Satellite nbn Instead

Not Eligible for Fixed Wired and Wireless? Try Satellite NBN Instead article image by IPSTAR

The National Broadband Network (nbn) is a step towards a future-proof Internet connection for every household in Australia. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy its full benefits and maximum potential. While a large portion of the population can enjoy connection speeds of up to 100/40Mbps for downloads/uploads, this speed is only available for fixed wired connections that use fibre optics.


On the other hand, some rural and regional areas, as well as city outskirts may utilise fixed wireless nbn connections that receive signals from a signal tower located nearby. These connections usually support households that are up to 14kms away from nbn transmission towers.


But what if your household is located in remote and other far-flung areas in the country? Under these circumstances, your location may not be accessible for fixed wired and fixed wireless connections. Instead, you will be connected through nbn satellite providers.


nbn satellite Internet is probably among the best satellite Internet options for any household located in remote areas. Usually, such locations are hundreds of thousands of miles away from the nearest cities and urban areas. Because of this, each household is connected to the nbn satellite.


Installing and Preparation of Satellite Internet


If you avail of the best nbn deals and get satellite Internet connection from nbn satellite providers, they will first determine if the first two connections are not possible. Once the nbn satellite service providers find out that your household cannot be connected to nbn using fixed wired and wireless, they will install a satellite dish in your home so you can receive signals directly.


nbn satellite is a lot faster than current satellite Internet providers, although fixed wired and fixed wireless nbn connections are faster. The only drawback when it comes to satellite Internet is that it is affected by certain weather conditions. In addition, there should be no obstructions between the satellite dish in your household, and the nbn satellite.


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